PAASCU accreditors interview Letranites

By: John Ryan Padlan
August 06, 2017

PAASCU accreditors conduct interview with students from Entrepreneurship, Legal Management, and Journalism programs. Photo by JR Padlan.

After visiting the facilities and observing classes, Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges, and Universities (PAASCU) accreditors interviewed Entrepreneurship, Legal Management, and Journalism students, as these programs look forward to their first level of accreditation, yesterday at the Mabini Hall.

The interview, aside from pursuing accreditation, simply aims to help the Colegio become a better school.

Before the session started, PAASCU Staff Chairperson/Administration Mr. Ricardo Palo encouraged students to be truthful and genuine in answering the questions.

“Let’s make this just a casual conversation between you and us,” he said. “So, don’t be shy because this will benefit your school as well.”

Dr. Moses Alexander Asuncion, one of the accreditors in attendance, started the discussion by asking the curriculum provided by the Colegio for each program.

Asuncion asked the students about their professors’ implementation of projects and activities. He also asked if the students know their professors’ procedures on dealing concerns and grievances, adding that it is important for a faculty member to post his/her consultation hours. Asuncion carried on asking whether the students are properly informed of times when the professors are not around, and whether they give works for students to do.

Meanwhile, Palo asked the students regarding the teaching performance of their professors, may they be part-time or full-time faculties.

Then, the students answered the questions and shared their own experiences and observations in their respective programs.

In the end, the accreditors were impressed by the students for being open, expressive, and critical thinkers.

Different faculty members of the three mentioned programs were also interviewed at the same venue afterwards.