'Spiderman: Homecoming’ is a Marvel triumph

By: Louise Lizan
August 25, 2017

Spiderman: Homecoming might be one of the best Marvel movies to date. Director Jon Watts and his team gave both fans and casual viewers a great reboot of the classic Spiderman. 

So far, this awkward, free, and lovable version of Peter.
Parker was closer to the comic book version than it ever has been with Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield. It leaves.
audiences wanting for more of the new kid on the block, Tom Holland. 
The change has never been this good. 

Homecoming picks up in the aftermath of the alien invasion in New York during ‘The Avengers’ and, introduces a Peter Parker (Tom Holland) still on a high from the action he got from the battle between Iron Man and Captain America, all while still in school (and of course, while thinking who would he goes with at the homecoming dance). 

The friendly-neighborhood superhero, having mistaken someone for robbing a bike, made a mistake of going after someone he shouldn’t have, desperate to be worthy of being in the Avengers. This is young Peter’s conviction to prove his worth to his peers, and it makes for quite the cinematic experience. 

‘Homecoming’ gave viewers a rousing stand-alone protagonist and gave us a whole new flavor of the main man, Peter Parker and his “guy in a chair” (that we all need in our lives) Ned, played by Jacob Batalan. 

Together, the two stop villains all while trying to wrestle the pressures of adolescence. 

Tom Holland played the Parker role to a T, as he portrayed the smart, goofy, and nerdy kid in school no one would have thought would be saving the world. Holland’s portrayal of Spiderman was as close as the comic book version which fans have been appreciating, so kudos to Watts and his other five co-writers for finally exerting an effort for the movie to resemble the comics, and Holland proved himself worthy of being the NEW Spiderman. 

The special-effects unit in this one was impeccable, as well. It made the action sequences breathe and wound up a captivating visual treat to everyone in the theater. 

All in all, this change is the least we expected, but definitely the change we needed. Now that this is settled, fans and casual viewers would be looking forward to the next time Spiderman will be on screen again, (probably on Avengers: Infinity War) being the same, light, and fun Spidey all have come to love on this one. But for now, let’s look forward to Thor: Ragnarok on November because for sure, Marvel wouldn’t let us down!