Special Election 2024: Psychology majors nominated as presidential bets

By: Izza Belle Basubas, Thea Divina
April 22, 2024

RSO-CPAGs set historic special election nominations for presidential candidates; in photo- Joffy Castillon (right) and Kodi Cabacang (left). Photo courtesy of Ram Christian Campos of The LANCE.

The Letran Commission on Elections (COMELEC), with the incumbent presidents and representatives of the Recognized Student Organizations (RSO) and Cultural and Performing Arts Group (CPAG), convened at the Del Pilar Hall for the special election for the presidential position in the Letran Student Council (LSC) on Monday, April 22. 

COMELEC Chairman Reigh John Bench Alemendras opened the session, noting the prior anticipation of the special election due to the higher number of abstentions against the former presidential runner, Mark Jullian Ortañez (IND), garnering 781 votes and 933 abstentions.

The Letran-COMELEC submitted a deposition paper to the LSC consisting of a promulgation for the implementation of rules and regulations mandating all the RSO-CPAG presidents or representatives to gather for a special election. 

The goal of the special election is to provide two main candidates for presidency in the Letran Student Council. 

The COMELEC identified the nominees: Kodi Cabacang, Julian Bhojwani, Kyle Lazaro, Sofia Cornejo, Jullian Ortañez, Dale Calalang, Yanna Velasquez, Joffy Castillion, and Leon Victor Velasquez.  

The two rounds of nominations successfully concluded and proclaimed 3rd-year Psychology students Kodi Nicole Cabacang with 19 votes and Joffemycel "Joffy" Castillion garnering 13 votes.

Cabacang currently serves as the Psychology Senator and Senate President in the LSC while Joffy Castillion is the current Letran Psychology Society (LPS) President.

The COMELEC’s schedule of activities will continue with the campaign period on April 23, followed by the “Tapatan” student debate on April 24. The 2nd wave of elections are set to commence online on April 25 and 26, leading to the proclamation of the new LSC president for academic year 2024-2025.