SnL Letran pulls reverse sweep over Maruichi Hyogo in Spikers’ Turf semis

By: Andrea Ponce
December 09, 2023

SnL Letran takes retributes against its previous loss, beating the Maruichi Hyogo Spiker's Turf. Photo courtesy of Spiker's Turf.

Saints and Lattes Letran fought back from their first set loss against Maruichi Hyogo in a match of Spikers’ Turf semifinals, 23-25, 25-13, 25-23, and 25-20, held earlier at PhilSports Arena in Pasig City. 

Player of the game Vince Virrey Himzon contributed 21 points, 15 attacks, five blocks, and an ace, followed by John Derrick Bautista and Steven Sta. Maria, as they accumulated 15 points each and John Wayne Araño, who executed 23 excellent sets.

Letran Saint Spikers polished up their strategic play as they improved in their tactics and skill execution in opposition to Maruichi Hyogo, as a look back and a reflection of their lapses in their loss against Sta. Elena Nationals last Friday night.

Felix Bermido executed a powerful spike against a one-man block from Maruichi Hyogo, followed by a tactical drop ball by Bautista.

Nevertheless, Yuji Kawagoe showed his prowess to match up with the Letran Saint Spikers’ impulse inside the court, in addition to Keitaro Iwakura’s fast attack on a defenseless area.

As the first set was claimed by the Maruichi Hyogo, the Letran Saint Spikers pushed through their way to sweep the three sets in favor of them in a consecutive manner.

With the sharp attention and skill to receive and to save the ball, Letran Saint Spikers’ Libero Rexel Catris made it a huge help for his team to keep up with the attacks of the opposing team.

Letran Saint Spikers’ successfully deceived Maruichi Hyogo’s blockers as they lined up in the middle, as the ball was then swiftly passed on to Bautista on the side, who performed a fast attack.

Shoka Harada had also performed a powerful spike through a two-man block from the Letran Saint Spikers, but later on, Bermido retaliated with a quick move to attack the ball, that the Maruichi Hyogo had no time to recover from their positions.

Araño performed a serve, followed by Sta. Maria, who executed an impressive spike that concluded the match for the Letran Saint Spikers' win.

Maruichi Hyogo’s best scorer, Yuji Kawagoe gained 24 points, alongside Hinata Kuroda, who accumulated 18 points, and Yuki Kobatake, who scored nine excellent sets for their team.

Another match of the Letran Saint Spikers will be against the current top seed of the semis,  Cignal HD Spikers, scheduled for December 12 at 9AM in the same venue.