Letran Saint Spikers drops to gritty Sta. Elena Nationals

By: Andrea Ponce
December 09, 2023

SnL Letran fall to the Sta. Elena Nationals at the Semi Finals of Spiker's Turf. Photo courtesy of Spiker's Turf.

Saint and Lattes Letran Saint Spikers faced defeat against Sta. Elena Nationals in the course of the Spikers' Turf semi finals, 19-25, 25-23, 23-25, 13-25, yesterday at the FilOil EcoOil Centre in San Juan City. 

Vince Virrey Himzon and Steven Sta. Maria of the Letran Saint Spikers' individually gained 12 points, in addition to John Wayne Araño, who contributed 14 excellent sets and four points.

Sta. Elena Nationals took advantage as they pierced through the Letran Saint Spikers weakness in terms of the players positions inside the court, as visible holes were easy areas to smash the ball effortlessly, which made way for them to clinch the match.

As the match started, Sta. Elena Nationals' Disquitado, together with Rwenzmel Taguibolos, fired up their gameplay and made way for their team to lead.

Himzon and Araño shot drop balls against NU to shift Letran’s momentum but despite these points and adjustments, NU’s  Disquitado and Almendras looked through and took advantage of the open areas.

Disquitado's aggressiveness inside the court with his powerful attacks was not enough as the Letran Saint Spikers' gained impulse and the second set favored their side, 25-23.

Himzon, Araño, together with Lorenz Vicente's gameplay strategy, once again tried to claim the 3rd set but were unsuccessful with the resistance shown by Disquitado and Obed Mukaba.

Mukaba made way as he fully took advantage of his height and skills to tear down the Letran Saint Spikers’ defense, with Almendras following up with the boost laid by his teammate.

Joshua Retamar of the Sta. Elena Nationals was hailed as the player of the game, contributed 29 excellent sets, six digs, and two points, followed by their top scorer, Disquitado, with 19 points and Almendras bagged 21 excellent receptions with 15 points.

Saint and Lattes Letran Saint Spikers will have another match now facing the Maruichi Hyogo at 11AM today, which will be held at the PhilSports Arena in Pasig, Manila.