A Filipina’s breakthrough the global entertainment scene

By: Vanni Marzo
November 20, 2023

Sophia Laforteza is set for her international debut under HYBE Entertainment with the anticipated group KATSEYE. Photo courtesy of GMA.

Breaking boundaries and transcending borders; Pinoy Pride Sophia Laforteza is set to make her international debut under award-winning global entertainment company HYBE Entertainment and American company Geffen Records. 

Battling against 19 other girls in the hit reality survival contest “The Debut: Dream Academy,” Laforteza triumphed to take her spot as a member of the much anticipated group “KATSEYE.” She is now marked as the first and only Filipina under the legendary agency, placing her name among the ranks of BTS, New Jeans, Tomorrow x Together, Seventeen, Enhyphen and many more. 

With her success, Sophia thanked her family, friends, and supporters for their unyielding efforts in voting for her. In her words, Sophia said, “Thank you to everybody in this whole project for believing in me and for allowing me to grow. I’m so grateful.” 

Laforteza is known for her charm and talent on stage as she has proven to be quite the formidable player when she continuously ranked high in the various missions that were tasked to them which led to her claiming the first spot in the finals. 

With concepts, teasers, and debut date yet to be announced, she and her co-members: Lara, Megan, and Daniela from the US; Yoonchae from South Korea; and Manon from Switzerland, are now being predicted to be the next global It Group of their generation. 

As the lone representative of the Philippines in the competition, Sophia showcased not only her exceptional singing prowess and dance skill but also her rich cultural tapestry that added depth to the group’s identity. Her breakthrough signified potential for unity and harmony in an industry that knows no borders. 

As the group prepares for its debut, all eyes are watching their promising future in the industry. Boundless, limitless, and strong are one of the few words to sum up her extraordinary journey.