Join the 16th Muralla Literary Portfolio of The LANCE!

January 03, 2019

"Fall down seven times, stand up eight." — it’s not about the matter of what happened, or what was the cause of the destruction of it all, but how one will grow from it, learn, and change.

To find light in the darkness can be a difficult task, yet an achievement, to be a person who dares to pick up the pieces and grow from the hardships, mistakes, and failures. 

Growth is one’s defense to failure, and the stories will remind you of what once happened, and what one has done to stand up from it all. Another new-found strength to try again, and to become better individuals, with strong hearts to the world. The eighth step — to grow. 

Find light in the deepest, darkest parts inside of you, and let it bloom into strength, courage, and will to grow. 

Let your stories of growth find home in SIBOL, The LANCE’s 16th literary folio as it makes a move to spread strength, positivity, and support.


- A student may only submit a maximum of two entries per category.
- All entries must have the category (in uppercase) and its title as its file name.

Example: MAIKLING KWENTO Pagsibol

- Entries must be sent to the official e-mail address of the publication: also attaching the following details: full name, year and program, and contact number.