Stand Up with Respect

By: Louise Lizan
October 17, 2018

Ever imagined going to a movie theater and end up going to prison?

For something so simple, respect begets respect. The case of 34 moviegoers getting nabbed for a simple thing forgotten – respect for the Philippine National Anthem.

Now, it might seem like a small and simple thing to do, but if it’s about the people who best deserves a simple gesture, respect is still due.

Filipino citizens, wherever it might be, whether at a mall, or in school – students stop at the first few notes of the national anthem, hands on their hearts, standing tall and firm with the honor and respect for their motherland. It shows the nationalism Filipinos have for their own land, even just for a simple gesture of respect, and for the same people who died fighting for freedom and respect.

For the 34 moviegoers, the whole situation might just be a little problem, but in total, it
risks the importance of nationalism to most of the Filipinos – another importance of how schools teach us with having (even if is such a strain to stand under the sun for a long time) morning ceremonies, and even if their legs are hurting and the heat creeping up in their skin, it teaches us the most important lesson of all: Nationalism.

The showing of the Philippine National Anthem on a movie house can be easily ignored, easily mistaken as an advertisement (as some of the people who got caught said) or a minute-long-video. It wasn’t made just to ignore, it has been the symbol of nationalism that many of us tend to forget. A tribute for the heroes who have fought for the freedom of the country. A symbol that demands respect and honor for those people courageous enough to be part of the history – another symbol of pride.

Pride, the Philippine pride is what emits from the National Anthem. Pride is what should be surging through their veins whenever Filipinos hear it, not just ignorance and disinterest. It will just only take a few minutes to stand up and respect the video, just a few minutes to stand up won’t take much of time. But sometimes, people are to blame for, really.

It roots from simple things, simple gestures, and simple acts that turns into a bigger problem in the future. It takes one Filipino to unify and one Filipino to do a move that spreads through the nationalism and patriotism, and it would be a great step towards a country who gives due respect to what should be respected.

I could be ranting too much about this, but nationalism is what makes the country thrive, thus, an issue we should shed light on. This isn’t just an issue we should ignore, but a lesson in where we should learn to respect. It wouldn’t take much of your time, nor would it be a hindrance, especially when watching a movie.