Athletes Attend the Holy Eucharist in Anticipation of NCAA Season 99

By: Vicente Ignatius Mate IV, John Patrick Bajalla
September 14, 2023

The Letran Knights & coaching staff with Fr. Sibug, Fr. Calvo, & Fr. Jose at the Pep Rally 2023. Photo courtesy of Kyla Anne Velasco of The LANCE.

Athletes and Coaches from the different varsity teams in Letran gather at the Colegio Chapel on Thursday, September 14, 2023, to seek divine guidance from the Lord as they start their NCAA Season 99 journey.  

In the mass presided by the Vice President of Financial Affairs, Rev. Fr. Bejay Namuag, O.P., he connects his sermon with the celebration of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross. Fr. Namuag shares with the athletes two different ways Jesus shows love in the midst of pain. 

First, Jesus shows love by embracing pain. “Bilang mga tao, nakakaranas at nakakaranas tayo ng sakit sa buhay because this is part of life,” says Fr. Namuag, stressing the need to accept every challenge that we face because Jesus will not leave us alone. “... in the midst of this pain, he will not leave us alone, rather he stays with us,” adds Father. 

Other than embracing pain, Jesus gives love to sustain life. “Kapag mahal mo binibigyan ng buhay,” shares the VPFA. Focusing on the athletes, Fr. Beejay tells the athletes that their sacrifice and pain come from love and for their love of the institution. 

As the mass ends, Fr. Namuag reminds all of those in attendance to always check up on their peers because they never know when they are going through pain and suffering. That we could not run away from all our pains and problems. 

So mga kapatid, tanungin natin ang mga sarili natin. Are we in pain? Are we suffering? Do we feel that in this pain we are alone or somebody’s with us? Is somebody you know today, are in pain? Or are we leaving them alone?” Fr. Namuag shares.