Capturing Faith Beyond the Walls of Letran

By: Zabrina Hong, Vicente Ignatius Mate IV
September 13, 2023

Patrick Dominick Romero, alumnus photographer of The LANCE, exposes the beauty of the blessed Virgin Mary through his photographs shown in the exhibit entitled "Legacy of Faith" at the Museo de Intramuros. Photo courtesy of Patrick Dominick Romero via Facebook.

Christianity or Roman Catholicism may have been the heaviest influence during the 333-year Spanish colonization in the Philippines. It has shaped our values and beliefs, has given a sense of belonging to those devout Catholics, and has provided guidance through the intercession of saints and the Blessed Mother. 

Filipino Catholics are known for holding the blessed mother in high esteem as they faithfully believe in her perpetual virginity and her Assumption in Heaven. Their devotion to the Virgin Mary is not only reflected in their faith but also academic institutions. 

For the past 403 years, Colegio de San Juan de Letran has made it one of its missions to produce Catholics who have a strong devotion to the Virgin Mary. Through its Formation-Oriented Religious Education (F.O.R.E) Program and the Letran Dominican Network Youth Group (Letran–DomNet), Letranites are allowed to practice and hone their devotion. 

Letran alumnus Patrick Dominick Romero, more commonly known as “PD”, has proven that the Colegio stands by its mission. 

Last September 9, 2023, the Intramuros Administration opened a new photo exhibit at the Museo de Intramuros titled “Legacy of Faith”, a photo gallery consisting of venerated images of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Intramuros. Among the contributing photographers for the gallery is PD. 

In an interview with The LANCE, PD shared how his passion for photography bore fruit to his devotion to the Virgin Mary. 

“It all started when I was a kid when my mom and grandma brought me to the church near my home,” said PD. 

From his early youth to adulthood, PD never forgot hi s upbringing. Sticking close to what his mother and grandmother taught him, PD developed his skills in Photography and used it as an act of service in his devotion. 

He started taking photos in 2013. Dedicating his passion to God and the Church, PD always made sure to be ready wholeheartedly. For him, photography was not just clicking the shutter button of the camera but it also gave him a purpose. 

PD expressed his gratitude to Letran for allowing him to deepen his devotion to the Blessed Virgin and allowing him to experience rare events such as the visitation of the image of the La Naval in Letran last 2020.

As an alumnus of the institution, PD left words of encouragement for his fellow Letranites. He stressed how important it is to have the Blessed Virgin as a mother figure in our lives. 

“To my fellow Letranites, always look up to Her and tell Her what your heart truly desires. As a Mother, She always knows what’s best for us, as a Mother, She will help us in the battles of our lives, and as a Mother, She will be always there in every part of our life, whether it may be in Joy, in Sorrow, in Glory. Never cease to pray, and to ask for help to finish our tasks as students,” said PD. 

As fellow Letranites, let us show support by visiting the Legacy of Faith Photo Gallery Exhibit on the 3rd floor of Museo de Intramuros. 

To book a guided tour and tickets, you may check their website,, or visit the museum during their operating hours, Saturdays and Sundays from 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM. Ticket prices are 75.00 pesos for their regular rate and 50.00 pesos for Senior Citizens, PWDs, and Students. The museum prohibits the entrance of food,drinks, and photography.