DSA Issues Uniform Guidelines for A.Y.: 2023-2024

By: Reigh John Bench Almendras
September 09, 2023

The collegiate uniforms of the Colegio has brought about several issues amongst the studentry. Photo courtesy of Eduardo Nollora Jr. & Thomas Borja of The LANCE.

The Department of Student Affairs (DSA) released Memo-DSA-2324-007 which contains the policies for proper uniform and hair color imposed on all bona fide students of Colegio de San Juan de Letran-Manila for Academic Year (AY) 2023-2024 on Tuesday, September 5.

On Proper Uniform

In the memorandum, the DSA stipulated the prescribed uniform during class days which comprises the Collegiate uniform, Hospitality Management, Hotel and Restaurant Management, Tourism Management uniform, Chef’s uniform, Food Technology, Nutrition and Dietetics uniform, Psychology uniform, and the College of Engineering and Information Technology uniform.

The Quadricentennial Polo which was part of the list of prescribed uniforms in the past academic years was removed as it will be changed alongside the identification cards of the students in observance with the installation of the new Rector and President of the Colegio. 

During non-class days, Letranites are allowed to wear civilian attire inside the Colegio, but with reservations. Female students are advised not to wear mini-skirt, walking shorts, sleeveless, backless, strapless and see-through blouses and skirts, skirts with slits reaching the upper thighs, leggings, and open sandals. 

For both male and female students, tattered or torn pants, t-shirt with indecent pictures and prints, similar garments inappropriate for school, and earrings for men and multiple earrings for women are prohibited.


On Lack of Uniform 

The transition of the Colegio to full onsite modality has brought shortage with the stocks of uniform. Prior to the release of Memo-DSA-2324-007, there are students taking up classes in civilian attire. 

In an interview with Xavier Vitug, a third year Political Science student, he shared his common struggles with the lack of supplies of the collegiate uniform.

"Last week I went to (the) bookstore, extra small and small lang daw ang available stock, same case sa store nila sa Shopee... Siguro the most common struggle for me in (having no uniform) is time, since civilian siya, so I have to choose what to wear for the day. Instead of uniform na all set naman na (yung) what we’re wearing." Vitug said.

Xavier was also asked regarding his entry in the Colegio and possible infractions charged to his non-compliance with the memorandum.

"(I) haven’t (been) questioned by the DSA (and the) guards, so for now, di ko pa siya na-clarify." Vitug added. 

There are also cases of students who have graduated Senior High School in Letran using the same Physical Education (PE) uniform in their collegiate PE classes. 


Sanctions to Non-Compliance

Failure to come in proper uniform and wearing of earrings and long hair for male students are punishable under the Student Discipline; Section 4 - Minor Offenses of the 2023 Student Handbook. 

First offense is a written warning, second offense is written warning with community service, and the last offense is a three day suspension.

The LANCE had requested for an interview with the DSA and is waiting for the response of the department.