Sibol Emerges Victorious in World ESports Championship 2023

By: Marvin Isidro Jr.
September 05, 2023

Team Sibol of the Philippines takes home the first World ESports Championship title. Photo courtesy of Sibol ESports.

YESTERDAY - Sibol, the Philippine National Esports Team made history as they were hailed  as the overall world champions in the International Esports Federation (IESF) World Esports Championship 2023 in Lasi, Romania.

From the heart of Southeast Asia to the world stage, SIBOL has grasped an opportunity to prove that esports is not just a pastime but a genuine sporting phenomenon that transcends borders. The Filipino athletes' outstanding skills, relentless dedication, and unwavering spirit have solidified their reputation as world-class competitors.

"Our Sibol team and its esports program are a testament that our Filipino Athletes can achieve world-class recognition and become the best in the world. Their success serves as an inspiration to aspiring gamers, especially from the Philippines and Southeast Asia. This victory is a reminder that with passion and commitment, anything is possible in the world of Esports." Philippine Esports Organizations' Executive Director, Marlon Marcelo said in their game-changing success.

In all the categories in the IESF World Championship 2023, Sibol took a gold medal in PUBG Mobile and Mobile Legends Bang Bang, silver on Tekken7 and a bronze for Dota 2. 

In the previous IESF World Championship, in all four games, Philippines faced a dismal defeat against the previous champions, Indonesia. And since both countries have faced each other again from last year's finals, Sibol was able to seize the championships.

Their conquest of the IESF World Esports Championship speaks volumes about the Philippines' emerging dominance in the global esports arena. Sibol’s achievement is not just a triumph for the team but also for the entire nation, cementing the Philippines' position as a formidable force in the esports world.