EDITORIAL: An open letter to the CLAS dean

August 30, 2018

Dear Asst. Prof. Darwin Rungduin,

A wise man once said, “a body cannot function without its head.”

Just like in any recognized student organizations in the Colegio, different faculty members and colleges in Letran also require a competent, tried-and-tested, and knowledgeable dean who shall be in the forefront in providing the students the quality education that the Colegio wishes to provide and the students themselves deserve.

Failure to have that desirable and dependable individual in an educational institution, in one way or another, brings down the total efficiency of the college.

One good example is your College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS).

For efficiency to run through the body of CLAS, scrupulous planning and acknowledgment of adverse problems should be present. A clear vision and anticipation of possible problems, much more well-thought solutions, is necessary to provide a service that is only of quality.

The existing problems of the college should have been urgently addressed instead of being downplayed. Even in a romantic relationship, problems, isolated or not, should be addressed urgently or else there would be a huge chance that it would further create damage – this also applies to an institution like CLAS.

Under your leadership, these problems exist; lengthened approval of petition courses, non-availability of teachers in some classes due to problem in faculty loading, and delay of examinations. The college needs a dean who would work closely to answer to these flooding academic needs.

Most prevalent today is the problem in faculty loading under your college as experienced by some students taking general courses under CLAS.

It is only logical that before the students flock when classes begin, your office should’ve finalized professors for each class. It is the utmost responsibility of your Office to assure that all classes are provided a faculty member – no matter what.

For the Colegio to be reputable for quality education, you should selflessly lessen—or ideally, get rid of the problem in faculty loading. Your Office should have already foreseen the appropriate qualifications required, the proper training necessary and most especially, the number of teachers needed to cater to all classes under your department. To think, that most of these classes are for freshmen. In as much as
possible, we would like to establish a very good impression on them.

We had a blast during Binyag Arriba, welcoming them into the walls of the Colegio, only to be disappointed about not having a teacher on their first day of classes.

Starting the classes without a teacher and without a professor-student interaction is not an example of “quality service.” Also, it backlogs tasks for both students and professors piling up due to delayed assignment of faculty members for the classes offered.

Dissolved classes, wherein there are already enrolled and attending students, due to lacking faculty members is a blatant display of
unpreparedness. And for students, especially those who are graduating, it may be a cause of delay for the students in finishing their curriculum and may add up to the students’ back subjects.

The LANCE believes that students deserve a college prepared to welcome them as the academic year opens. Prepared enough to answer the academic needs of the students. Confident of its services and comfortable that its services and its people are enough and are all equipped to guide students to their better selves.

The LANCE, in its duty to keep Letranites informed with hope to hold those in power accountable, implores to you, to take a closer look at the problems arising under your college. It is the duty of your Office, of CLAS, to provide the students under your stewardship, what they truly deserve and strongly desire.