Devil in the details:  The thesis partners to avoid

March 24, 2018

Thesis – a deadly term that brings the shivers to every living, breathing college student. For Letranites, it’s one of many obstacles that may bolster, or hinder, one’s  #RoadToPICC journey. It is a task that could potentially mar, irrevocably, long-lasting friendships; it will bring sleepless nights and starved mornings; it will come at the expense of your social life. 

The silver lining is that you’ll be afforded a thesis partner – but also a reason why a lot prefer doing their paper alone. You might be thinking, what kind of thesis partner should I look at for, and avoid? A thesis partner that won’t betray me, or send me to emergency rooms? Well then, allow me to run through the types of thesis partners to choose from, to whatever floats your boat. But remember, choose wisely! You’ll be glued together until the bitter end.


1.    The Ghost – you wouldn’t even realize you have a partner! They only show up when the deadline is fast approaching. Even when you message them, rest assured that they will “seenzone” you in times of need. Need help? You get none! Need something to be printed the next day? You get nothing on that! These are the kind of people who hang all their hopes to on their partner; they’d also appear in your thesis class and ask you, shamelessly, “How’s our thesis paper?”

2.    Richie Rich  – The financier, if you will. From printing to folders to bookbinding, this thesis partner doesn’t think twice about money. The catch? They are not going to write a single word for your paper, erroneously thinking that subsidizing your paper’s expenses exempts them from responsibility. It’s a partner-in-crime thing: you do the research; they help you finance for the paper. Money is exchangeable for hard work, I guess.

3.    Little Miss/Mister Excuses – The perpetually beleaguered, in most cases. They agree to be with you in doing the paper all the time, to submit assignments punctually but in the end, they’ll leave you at the last minute. It’s nothing new when they don’t show up or even submit the assignment. Oh, and their opening line is something like: “Uy sorry…” and the list of excuses just go on and on.

4.    The Loyalists – they pledge that through thin and thick, in sickness and in health, they will be there for you to both finish your thesis, even with flying colors. By those, I mean moral support. While you’re at it, they bring motivation as you type your paper while they scroll on their phones and eat as if thesis is a favorite past time of yours.

5.    The “Di ako pwede pero tutulong ako” – a sibling of Little Miss/Mister Excuses. These people do solemnly swear that even if they are away, they’ll keep up with you. Beware though of viewing their social media accounts, especially Instagram stories. It brings you extreme joy to see them chilling out, while you’re in  front of your laptop not realizing that you haven’t taken a bath in days.