‘Superb’ plan to revamp Letran gym  

March 23, 2018

The recent “NCAA on Tour” did not only bring the league closer to its fans this season but also gave schools opportunity to enjoy a home-court advantage. Letran was one of the schools which hosted a game in this year’s special NCAA segment. However, supporters did not only make a closer bond during the game, they were able to see the current state of the Blessed Antonio Varona Gymnasium -- with its vintage look yet poor flooring.

Apart from the faded floors, Letran students and athletes alike surely know a few meager states of facilities inside the gym. But the Letran administration has confirmed that a renovation of the gymnasium is set to happen as soon as possible. 

A source explained to The LANCE the details of the reconstruction. The building will be upgraded to a multi-story facility with a furnished basketball court, while elevators and a retractable roof are also part of the plan for convenience and a stadium-like experience. A swimming pool will be located on the rooftop of the building with built-in Jacuzzis and saunas.

“It will cost a lot because this is, of course, a serious project,” the source said.  Since andito na din naman tayo why not gawin na nating ‘superb’ ‘yung pag-upgrade," the source added.

As for the proposal of a tourist-feel ambiance of the rooftop area, the source explained, "Parang medyo pang-leisure ang dating nung pool, jacuzzi and saunas pero we are also trying to attract tourists. In fact, we are planning na mag-include ng kainan sa loob mismo ng building. This is to sustain the building and to promote the cultural heritage that we have inside these walls.”

The source also added, "Para ma-enjoy din ng ibang tao, 'di lang tayong Letranites 'yung nakaka-view ng Intramuros at night.  We are also upholding our values as patriots. Kaya nga Patria eh, we are here to help our fellow countrymen.”

A construction of a bowling alley was also included in the said plan since students have to go outside the campus to play bowling in their Physical Education courses. The said reconstruction is expected to be finished before 2022 as part of Letran’s vision for its 400-year anniversary.

(First published in our SPOOF ISSUE: DUH LANCE.)