Round 2: Miting de Avance for Next LSC Execom

By: Aianna Xyril Monsod, Merica Francine Dela Rosa
April 24, 2023

The historic second round of the MDA in which visible on the photo, Presidentiable Jarmilla Cansancio was absent from the required event. Photo courtesy of Christelle Haro of The LANCE.

The Letran Student Council (LSC) candidates conduct a four-day campaign to showcase their platforms for a special election for the upcoming academic year. 

The campaign was held for two days onsite, from April 19 to 20, and two days online, from April 21 to 22, 2023. 

Jullian Ortañez, a presidential candidate, joined the room-to-room campaign for both days whilst Jerina Andres, vice presidential candidate, joined the second day of the onsite campaign along with Ramon Abay-Abay, Public Relations Officer (PRO) candidate who joined the first day of the room-to-room campaign. 

The vice presidential candidate Jerina Andres and PRO candidate Ariane de Castro, with presidential candidate Jarmilla Cansancio, Marketing Management senator Vian Dela Cruz, and Nutrition and Dietetics senator Cassandra Sali also conducted their campaigns online.

Their platforms are posted on their Facebook accounts and the Letran COMELEC Facebook page.

In the Miting-de-Avance last April 20, Vian Dela Cruz, running for Marketing Management senator, apologized to the marketing community for not being able to attend the first day of the F2F campaign and went to them personally after the MDA. Cassandra Sali, a candidate for Nutrition and Dietetics senator, also said sorry for not making an appearance in the onsite campaign due to a conflict of schedules. 

Jarmilla Cansancio, an independent presidential candidate, failed to attend and do her campaign in person.


Second Miting-de-Avance: Letranites, Much More Selective

Another Miting de Avance took place on Thursday afternoon, April 20, 2023, at the SC Auditorium.

Following the announcement of the failure of the initial LSC elections for this year for the executive positions of President, Secretary, and PRO, the Letran COMELEC has opened the floor to its potential candidates. 

Six of the seven running Candidates attended the second Miting de Avance. Jarmilla Consancio, a presidential candidate, did not attend the Miting de Avance. 

A panel discussion for Executive Positions was held with three panelists: Asst. Prof. Jhennie Villar, MBA; Inst. Franz Jude Abelgas MA, and Mr. Seane David Atibagon, a student representative. 

Atibagon was assigned to Mr. Ramon Abay-Abay, one of the running for PRO. When asked how he plans to represent the students and the Colegio outside of the school, he stated that how a student performs on campus is how they act outside of it. He then presented his program, “Late Knight Talks," to encourage greater dialogue between students and leaders, and emphasized that carrying out his responsibility as a candidate represents not just himself, but also the students.

Inst. Franz Jude Abelgas questioned Ms. Ariane De Castro on how she can restore students' respect in the LSC after it has experienced complaints on social media and how being a part of it risks your reputation. She replied one shall keep the promise they made. It is simple to express them, but the difficult part is maintaining the commitment you made.

As a follow-up question, Inst. Abelgas asked if she believes she has the capabilities, skills, and personalities, and she responded with a yes. 

Asst. Prof. Jhennie Villar MBA asked Ms. Jerina Andres, the Vice Presidential Candidate, on the use of artificial intelligence technology, especially ChatGPT. She stated that this shall not be promoted as it decreases the students' and Colegio's integrity. 

Inst. Villar followed up with a question on how she would tell the students not to utilize or patronize AI. She answered that The Colegio shall improve its way of teaching and learning and advocate for the Quality Education it offers.

Mr. Atibagon questioned Mr. Jullian Ortanez, the presidential candidate present, if he believed his programs would cater to all departments equally, not only his own. He stated that he has asked students from all departments of the Colegio and listened to their suggestions and critiques as he creates his platforms, believing that everyone should be included and heard. He will also interconnect platforms and encourage the participation of RSO's to make sure no one is left behind. He also highlighted his ideology in governance, that he is not afraid to be antagonistic toward the system.

After the panel discussion, the COMELEC has opened the stage for students to question the candidates. The majority of the questioning narrowed on their proposed agendas, their thoughts on the failure of elections, and proving themselves worthy compared to the First Candidates. 

The event proceeded with the promulgation of free and fair student elections and signing with the candidates. 

To officially conclude the event, the adviser of the Letran COMELEC delivered a speech in which he urged Letranites to participate in the second voting session, which would take place from April 24 to April 25, 2023, and thanked everyone who participated in the Miting de Avance.