Final Day of COC Filing leaves Letranites Doubting

By: Samantha Bernardo
April 14, 2023

The Letran COMELEC during the compilation of results. Photo courtesy of Eduardo Nollora Jr.

The Letran Commission on Elections (COMELEC) stated that it would be accepting Certificate of Candidacies (COCs) applications from April 11 to 14, 2023.

Following the declaration of a “failure of elections” in the last cycle of the Letran Student Council (LSC) elections on March 31, the COMELEC is reopening applications for the Executive Committee and select Program Senators.

Alyansa forerunners, Louie Cabantoc for Presidency, Christine Llavore for Secretary, and Yuan Pabalan for Public Relations Officer (PRO), along with Senatorial representatives, were unable to secure a simple majority of 50% plus one during the voting period.

The requirements for the COCs remain the same, and applications will be reviewed on April 15. The release of the official candidates will also be announced the following day, April 16. 

While no independent candidate applied during the first round of filing, the Letran COMELEC shared via Facebook that they are accepting both independent and party applications. They further emphasize that Letranites have the choice to run independently.

As of April 14, the Letran COMELEC is yet to disclose the number of COC applicants for the next batch of LSC Elections, leaving Letranites to wonder about the next set of applicants.

The events – Online Campaign from April 19 to 20, Miting de Avance on April 21, and Elections from April 24 to 25 – all of which will be held online.