Pope Francis Undergoes Treatment for Respiratory Infection

By: Augusto Urbano II
March 30, 2023

The Holy Father during a trip seen kissing the forehead of a young child. Photo courtesy of The Los Angeles Times.

A report from the Vatican says the 86-year-old Pope Francis is hospitalized for the treatment of a respiratory infection and will remain so for a few days, on Wednesday, March 29, 2023. 

In a statement, Vatican spokesman Matteo Bruni says Pope Francis had recently complained of respiratory issues and that yesterday afternoon, he had visited Policlinico A. Gemelli in Rome for medical examinations. The tests revealed a respiratory infection, needing a few days of suitable inpatient medical therapy. 

“Pope Francis is touched by the many messages received and expresses his gratitude for the closeness and prayer,” Bruni adds. 

Francis was brought to the hospital to undergo a series of tests after his weekly general audience in St. Peter's Square. The Vatican also announces the visit and testing earlier in the day.

Bruni also says Francis' Thursday and Friday agenda had been freed "to make space for the continuation of tests should that be necessary" shortly after. 

Italian news agency ANSA adds the Pope had undergone a chest CT scan. His blood saturation levels were normal and did not show signs of cardiac disease.