Miting de Avance Concludes, Students Give their Sentiments

By: Izza Belle Basubas
March 28, 2023

The LSC Candidates of AAL as they stood taking their oaths for the upcoming LSC Elections. Photo courtesy of Patrick Cruz of The LANCE.

The Letran Commission on Election held its first face-to-face Miting de Avance after three years on Friday, March 24, 2023.

The Miting de Avance is the running candidate’s final campaign rally where they were given the chance to encourage Letranites to vote for them. The Letran MDA is a series of questions given by both students and panelists to candidates in order to know their future plans and stands on pertinent matters.

AAL senators were asked how they will ensure their programs will be implemented and will benefit the students in all departments despite the time constraints in their schedules. They were also asked how they will apply their platforms given that the Colegio is transitioning to onsite modality. 

The candidates answered the questions through highlighting their platforms. They said they will coordinate with their mother organization for the programs to be successful. 

Candidates mainly focus on their platforms and its contributions to the enhancement of their programs. AAL senatorial candidates always end up being the voice representative of the students and they want to initiate active participation of the Letranites. 

As the miting de avance moves forward to executive position candidates, a panel discussion took place.  The host introduced  respective panelists: Asst. Prof. Jhennie Villar, MBA; Inst. Franz Jude Abelgas, and Ms. Aleckxandra Kate Salazar, a student representative. 

Asst. Jhennie Villar, MBA, was assigned to Yuan Gabrielle Pabalan, the running public relations officer (PRO). When asked how he wanted Letran to be known outside, Mr. Pabalan responded that Letranites is known for having an arriba spirit, as shown during sporting events, such as basketball. 

As a follow-up question, Asst. Villar asked how he will be able to assist the management in making Letran known as a competitive institution (school ng mga palaban). PRO candidate Pabalan answered by saying his platform,Knights Aboard and being unified with the students. 

Asst. Franz Jude Abelgas asked the running secretary, Christine Llavore, about the long-term issue of inclusivity and how she can ensure the Letranites. She said she wants Letran to be a home for minorities, where they can express themselves and have a chance to be heard.

For the final question, Ms. Salazar asked the presidential candidate about her standard for a successful term and how she can say that she is the standard as this is not her first time running for LSC. She repeats that students must be involved and participate. Her aim is to see the Letranites be involved and cooperate for the programs to be successful.

After the panel discussion, the stage is opened for the students present in the SC auditorium to question the candidates, which includes the anonymous postings in the Letran Freedom Wall (LFW), their credentials, proposed programs, and the implementation of the programs if they win the election.

The event had a fast talk with the presidential candidate and proceeded with the promulgation of the covenant of free and fair student election and signing with the candidates. 

To conclude the event, the adviser of Letran Comelec stated that  student’s’ votes serve as their voice. He encouraged Letranites to get involved during the voting period on March 28 to March 29 for the betterment of the Colegio. 

During the Miting de avance, students from the College of Liberal Arts (CLAS), College of Engineering and Information Technology (CEIT), College of Business Administration and Accountancy (CBAA), and College of  Education (COED) were present to support their fellow students and know the platforms of the candidates.

The LANCE interviewed students with regard to their feedback on the performance of Alyansa during the event.

Sean Patrick Garino, a second-year political science student, said "candidates were able to confidently exhibit themselves with an unfailing and high-principled attitude that the Letran studentry can rely on." He added that there are candidates who were unable to show themselves in front of the students and faculties.

Von Kyle Palbacal, a student from the College of Engineering and Information Technology (CEIT), stated that the AAL candidates are somewhat prepared and committed to the responsibilities they will be upholding if they win the election.

In selecting who must be voted for, Mr. Garino instated that MDA helped him to know the candidates more. "AAL assured every voter that they have the guts to provide better services and impart suitable solutions for the betterment of the Letran studentry," he said.

Frances Villarino from CLAS also expressed her emotion towards the Miting de avance. "MDA did help me, but somehow I’m having some doubts about whether I’m going to vote for the candidate or not due to the 'issues' that they had." She is also willing to give the candidates a chance to hold the council.