Who Run the World? Outstanding Women!

By: Regina Guinto
March 28, 2023

Art by Princess May Palma.

Every March, we celebrate International Women's Month. As such, if we take a look into the inner workings of the Colegio and we can see that it is run by headstrong women. 

The reason why March is chosen as Women’s Month is muddled and lost to the test of time, however, in the United States of America, the former President Jimmy Carter signed a proclamation in 1980, stating March 8th shall be considered National Women’s History Week. Following suit in 1988, Philippine President Corazon Aquino, declared that March be known as Women’s History Month in the country, further shedding light on the role of Filipina’s in the social, cultural, economic, and political advancements of the Philippines.

Asst. Prof. Catherine D. Sanchez, the Directress of the Department of Student Affairs is an example of women-led organizations. Following suit, we must mention Melody Jade Soriano (SCRIBE - Journalism Society), Nina Isabelle Tansengco (Knight Snap), Agatha San Juan (LITS), Anna Gianelli Villaluna (CHEFS), Jerina Andres (LLMS), Anne Hazel Butislaon (LJPMA), Julianna Alyssandra (Studio 1620) and all the Recognized Student Organizations women leaders and members. We deeply salute your efforts in achieving great things with your organizations as well as balancing your academics.

Pink is a color commonly associated with women and we are often told that pink is “stagey”, however, a pink ribbon is used to spread awareness of breast cancer, to honor all the people who are fighting against it, those who have recovered and all the women who have lost their lives. And we, as women, are often depicted as “high maintenance” and “too emotional”, but women have a much higher emotional intelligence than men, and process their emotions in a much healthier way.

Women in the past are told to be quiet, submissive, and obedient, yet today, we see women in various fields and workplaces, thanks to the efforts of the women before us, we can now have female politicians such as Leni Robredo, who was the former Vice President, famous authors such as Michelle Sterling who released the picture book, When Lola Visits, that depicts how a family cook, eat and share happiness and love throughout the summertime, and Mia P. Manansala who penned the comfort thriller trilogy, Adobo and Arsenic, Blackmail and Bibingka and Homicide and Halo-Halo.

As women, we share a sense of solidarity, through shared experiences, even if we don't know each other. A Muslim woman can relate to a little Korean girl who is struggling to choose which scarf to wear. An Indian mother can share her recipes to an elderly Filipino grandma who misses cooking for her grandchildren. A Turkish painter who laments on her inability to draw buildings to a British architect. 

We cheer for their achievements and grieve their losses, but even still we are proud of our sisters. Women may not be siblings by blood, but heavens above, they will always be our sisters for life.