AAL Concludes Two-Day Onsite Campaign

By: Merica Francine Dela Rosa, Aianna Xyril Monsod
March 24, 2023

Aksyon Alyansa Letranista during their Room to Room campaign, overseen by the COMELEC. Photo courtesy of Kyla Anne Velasco of The LANCE.

A two-day room-to-room campaign presenting the candidates for the next academic year’s Letran Student Council (LSC), was held from March 22 to 23, 2022, which sets the platforms of Aksyon Alyansa Letranista (AAL).

AAL, a political party of the Colegio for 18 years, was the creator of the notable projects: Wash Day Wednesday and Ushering Student Administration Dialogue (USAD). There are three running for Executive Committee – President, Secretary, and Public Relations Officer; And 10 senators from the Programs – Advertising, Communication, Economics, Engineering, Information Technology, Marketing Management, Operations Management, Psychology, Political Science, and Tourism Management.

Louie Cabantoc, the presidential candidate, emphasizes the importance of student cooperation for a successful academic year with her platform “USAP All In”, an extension of the USAD program. Christine Llavore, running for the position of secretary, featured her platform “KKK” (Kaisa, Kakampi, Kapantay). Yuan Pabalan, Public Relations Officer candidate, aims to help Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs) through his platform “Bilis Agaran Forms”. 

The 10 senatorial candidates namely: Lee Ruzol (Advertising), Isaac Sicalbo (Communication), Alecks Clarinal (Economics), Johna Garcia (Engineering), Marcjackryan Buen (Information Technology), Maria Costelo (Marketing Management), Jian Iglesias (Operations Management), Kodi Cabacang (Psychology), Jullian Ortañez (Political Science) and Rubinel Tesorio (Tourism Management), outlined plans for their endeavors and the enhancement of their respective programs to represent. 

The AAL incorporated different campaign techniques to get the Letranite’s attention. Some candidates have taglines that rhyme with their names. They also used trending lines from social media, such as “Parang ‘di ka naman nag grade 2 n’yan” and “S’yempre, Kuwento mo ‘yan eh.” 

In a Question and Answer session, every after the introduction of the candidates, students raised questions regarding their platforms. When asked how they will ensure there will be improvements on the existing projects, such as Paskong Arriba, AAL answered the Letranites will be informed and involved in the process of every plan through the transparency report and highlighted the platform, USAP All In. 

Another student asked about their stand on the LGBTQ community, given that the Colegio is a Catholic School. The candidates answered they are not against it and they will try to make others understand. They will not let anyone be left behind as they believe it is the student’s right to express themselves and their voice is for the students’ needs. 

The candidates were also interrogated about the action they will carry out in the matter of the anonymous postings on the Letran Freedom Wall (LFW). The AAL encouraged students to settle it systematically with the help of their platform “LSC Suggestion Box”,  where students can anonymously share their concerns. 

Asst. Prof. Catherine Sanchez commended the candidates for having the courage to run for the LSC. She thanked them for gathering the strength to face their fellow Letranites and for having the vision to serve in the upcoming academic year. 

The Letran COMELEC has succeeded in executing the campaign within the guidelines, with the exception of the authorized period of 15 minutes, which was extended during the question and answer session. 

Letranites are encouraged to wear red at the Miting de Avance on March 24 at 2 P.M. in the SC Auditorium as a way of support for the AAL.