Letran Commission on Elections Announces Disqualification of LSC Candidates

By: Samantha Bernardo, Samantha Bernardo
March 17, 2023

The memorandum was released publicly last March 16, 2023. Image courtesy of the Letran Commission on Elections En Banc Committee.

The Letran Commission on Elections released Memorandum No. 002 Series of 2023, stating the disqualification of Gabriel Ross Cunanan and Mary Grace Reyes of Aksyon Alyansa Letranista (AAL) on Thursday night, March 16, 2023.

According to the memorandum, the Letran Comelec reassessed all documents from AAL and had a unanimous decision to disqualify the mentioned candidates as they violated Article 5- Section 1 Subsection 1.3. It states that students running for candidacy should not have an Unauthorized Withdrawal (UW), Incomplete grade (INC), and grades below 75 from the beginning of their stay in the Colegio.

“In this regard, as stated in Section 3 Subsection 3 of the Election Code revised through Resolution No. 001 Series of 2023, Failure to comply with the required qualifications and requirements herewith for the position until the last day of filing shall constitute grounds for DISQUALIFICATION,” the memorandum states.

According to the Letran Comelec, the submitted Certificate of Candidacies (COCs) of the students differs from the data the Registrar has. The reason why the data do not match is unknown.

Gabriel Ross Cunanan is running for Vice President, while Mary Grace Reyes is the candidate for Education Senator.