No COC Applications Yet; Letran Comelec Encourages Letranites to Run for the Upcoming 23’24’ Student Council Elections

By: Samantha Bernardo
March 09, 2023

The stage is set for the LSC Elections 2023, as it awaits the candidates who will lead the next cohort of the Letran Student Council. Photo courtesy of The Letran Commission on Elections

The Letran Comelec continues to encourage Letranites to file their Certificate of Candidacy (COC) for the Letran Student Council Elections in late March. So far, no applicants have sent in their applications, Letran Comelec said in an interview on Tuesday. Letran Comelec opened the filing of COCs on Wednesday, February 15, and will be entertaining applications until Saturday, March 11.

They accepted online submissions during the first week of application but gave students an onsite option. However, the filing was reverted back online due to the transportation strike. “… the Commission unanimously decided to cancel the alternative option of onsite submission of Certificate of Candidacies. Kindly refer to the Article 3 of the Election Code of 2022 revised through Resolution 001 series of 2023 for the guidelines for online submissions.” the Letran Comelec said in a statement.

According to the given guidelines, the requirements needed for the filing should be in a Google Drive, and the link should be sent to the email of Letran Comelec. The needed requirements for students who are planning to file their COCs are the registration form for the second semester, two colored digital copies of a 2x2 identification (ID) picture, with the candidate wearing corporate attire. Candidates should also submit a copy certified of their Curriculum Checklist from the Office of the Registrar, Good Moral Certificate, and the Certificate of Candidacy Form.

They should also state in their application if they are running independently or with a political party and the Party Constitution if they plan to do the latter. The Letran Comelec further stressed that they accept candidates who seek to run independently. That being said, candidates can run with existing parties as well.

With the last 2 days of application, Letran Comelec is encouraging Letranites to reach out. The Comelec emphasized that queries regarding the application process are openly entertained.

Students can receive updates regarding the Student Elections on Letran Comelec’s Facebook page.