Dear Cupid, A Love-filled Valentine’s to All Letranites, Please.

By: Regina Guinto
February 26, 2023

Artwork by Eah Dino

Ah, February… every couple’s happiest time of the year, and every single person’s bane of all holidays, but at Colegio de San Juan De Letran, even if you have a lover, heartbroken, or in a situationship, you can most certainly feel the love around the campus.

Valentines was a Tuesday and was filled with lectures and school works, yet thanks to the effort of the Letren Student Council, the Colegio’s walls were decorated with hearts and sparkles. Letranites enjoyed and had fun pulling their crushes to the Marriage Booth, and some gave shout outs to their friends and even promoted their events to the Dedication Booth. There was also the Love Locks event, which consists of being cuffed with a particular person of your choosing for a few minutes. And we cannot forget the crowd favorite, Photo Booth, equipped with fun props which the students can hold, which was handled by the Letran Peer Facilitator's Association.

“The first thought I had in mind when they announced their activities was, wow it’s cute that they have something prepared for the students. A fun little way to celebrate Valentine’s Day at school. It honestly feels nostalgic because the booths are a nod to a cliché yet effective attraction that we always have when it comes to celebrating Valentine.” 

A student from AB Communications shared that they have participated in these events, particularly, the Marriage Booth, which they participated in with a friend. They shared that the experience was “fun and endearing”.

And truly it was wonderful to see the appreciation and fondness, platonically or romantically, amongst the students. We certainly hope these events will be repeated in the next year.

We hope your Valentine’s was filled with peace and love, Dear Letranites!