THE BONDEE FEVER, Bonding with Avatar Besties!

By: Diane Angeli Martinez
February 03, 2023

Artwork by Reign Margaux De Guzman of The LANCE.

A new metaverse social software trending for the past week has been taking users by storm with its amusing features to keep everyone hooked and connected in the online world – Bondee. With over five million and counting users, ranking number one top free social application in Google Play Store and App Store, one cannot deny that Bondee has officially carved its presence in the current generation. 

Since Bondee has many features that mirror exactly what they want to pass the time, no wonder it continuously hauls users nationwide.  In Bondee, users can interact with their friends or "besties" no matter where they use the avatars they made and dressed up with. It also gives users the ability to design their own spaces or apartments. Moreover, there are several actions dimmed as funny for besties, such as poking each other's avatars and even making them pose together. Bondee can also make the users' avatars explore by sailing into the unknown sea.  

What makes it next level is besties can literally bond through the live messaging feature of the app.  It also allows users to freely reflect feelings or status with emojis and photos that their besties can see.

Bondee was made by a Singaporean-based technology startup called Metadream. It started when the tech company transformed the app into a more creative and interconnective software after obtaining its intellectual property rights. They successfully launched Bondee by the end of 2022 and introduced it worldwide. Currently, Metadream is looking forward to improving the said application and introducing new metaverse applications soon.

Back to the fever of Bondee, various posts about the users had poked the humor of the netizens when they posted their creative apartment designs with themes. These include Pinoy-style rooms, Jollibee-inspired rooms, computer shop-inspired rooms, McDo-inspired rooms, Mang Inasal-inspired rooms, KPop-centric rooms, aesthetic rooms, "jeje" rooms, Barangay Hall-inspired rooms, cafe-style rooms, and many more. On the other hand, users have also posted different corresponding outfits and poses of their avatars with their besties, which proved the fundamental nature of Bondee fever – bonding with besties.

Letran also did not let the Bondee fever pass by easily as they also posted an advertising campaign for the ongoing admissions for this school year's 2023-2024. It has already garnered 4,300 reactions, 81 comments, and 691 shares as of the moment. The room is inspired by the Admissions Office and will make aspiring Letranites turn their heads and enroll in the Colegio. 

Technology has been, without a doubt, an integral part of this generation as days go by to communicate and live. Bondee fever has  taken the internet by storm as bonding with avatar besties has made it even possible online amid the COVID-19 pandemic.