Letran Lady Knights ended their losing streak with a three-set victory over the JRU Lady Bombers.

By: Andrea Ponce
October 23, 2022

The Lady Knight's sweet redemption win after three continued losses at the Shakey's Super League. Photo by Jason Kyle Julian of The LANCE.

The Colegio de San Juan de Letran Lady Knights ended their SSL losing skid after they defeated the Jose Rizal University Lady Bombers with three set consecutive wins, 25-19, 25-18, 28-26, earlier today at the Rizal Sports Coliseum.

The Lady Knights' Julienne Rose Castro gained the first point with a surprise drop ball into the open area of the JRU Lady Bombers.

Due to the spirit set by the Lady Knights, Edma Anne Musngi accomplished a quick attack that left the Lady Bombers stunned by their positions.

On the other hand, the Lady Bombers' Silverio stole the show as she singled out and blocked the ball from their side, together with her teammate, Niego, tried to prevail in court.

Nevertheless, the first ended due to a service error committed by the Lady Bombers' Mailey Amante, 25-19 in favor of Letran.

To get things going in the 2nd set, Musngi gained the first point along with Daisy Melendres  who effortlessly gained a block of the set with her enthusiasm along the play.

Chamberlaine Cunada of the Lady Knights vaunted a cool play of the set as she hit the ball in the Lady Bombers' vulnerable position.

A rotational error committed by the Lady Bombers gave the Lady Knights complete control of the court.

Fortunate again, the Lady Knights gained the set on an attack error by the Lady Bombers, 25-18.

Melendres with full energy gave a powerful spike against the Lady Bombers' blockers, who had no chance to stop the ball.

Another note was made as Castro gained two consecutive points with her effortless service ace.

Within turning tables, the Lady Knights faced difficulties with their strategies, which gave a huge gap in the scores. Melendres, later on, broke the drought and gained a point that continued for the Lady Knights to close the gap. Ladesma, who dominated in blocking, made it difficult for the Lady Bombers to tear down the wall.

Both teams took turns gaining a point, not wanting to end the game quickly, that ended up with an extended set.

Melendres’ eagerness to win allowed her to execute a quick kill to an open area of the JRU Lady Bombers which left them astounded, allowing Letran to get the win, 28-26.