Cyberknights Participate in Mobile Legends and Call of Duty Mobile on Day 2 of Acad Arena’s Alliance Games 2022

By: Marvin Isidro Jr.
October 03, 2022

Letran Cyberknight's MVP during the Acad Arena Alliance Games 2022. Photo from Letran Cyberknights Esports.

The Cyberknights Mobile Legends team, won against Balanghai Esports of Caraga State University from Mindanao with the final score of 2-1. The first game was a struggle as the Cyberknights held their ground against Balanghai Esports.

Dominating each lane to a point, the Cyberknights lost that with a score of 12-24. The second game had a better start as the Cyberknights picked up the pace and did more objectives. This had a major influence through the rest of the game and with each player sticking together, they won it 23-17. Now with the tie-breaking match, both teams had to play more cautiously resulting in a much slower match compared to the previous matches. Abit over the 10-minute mark, Xeero and ImBaDeeJade of LCES kept racking up the score and kept the momentum for the whole team. The game ended with a close win, 15-14.

The ML team manager, Joshua Emerson Hilario, mentioned in the interview that during the game, “To be honest, kinakabahan ng konti kase big event itong tournament na ‘to at iba’t ibang  klase ng players from across the country ang makakaharap natin, pero absolutely naniniwla ako sa players na kaya nila manalo at gawin ang best nila palagi”. As for their win, “Syempre masaya. Sa umpisa medyo malungkot at kinakabahan na kasi game 1 talo yung team natin. Pero pinakita nila yung fighting spirit at nanalo sa game 2 at game 3 bringing us the win against CSU. Sobrang saya at sarap sa feeling na manalo in an official game lalo na reverse sweep ang nangyare”.

However, the Call of Duty Mobile team was met with a different fate. Their first game was our Cyberknights fighting against TGS with the game mode Hardpoint on the map Summit. The match didn’t take long as TGS had an overwhelming force on the Cyberknights as the game ended at 88-250. The second game is against TGS again, but the game mode is Search and Destroy on Firing Range. The Cyberknights kept fighting as hard as possible but ended in 1-7. Lastly the third game is set on Firing Range again but this time the game mode is Control. However, this ended in a landslide with a score of 0-3, in favor for TGS.

The manager of the CODM team of the Cyberknights, Camille Geronimo, mentioned after the games: “It's okay that we lost our first game sa tournament, lahat naman ng teams nagsisimula sa ganito. After ng game nag meeting kami to discuss kung ano yung nangyari sa games and kung saan kami dapat mag focus and mag improve pa as players and as a team.” 

Here is the list of players for Mobile Legends:

NAME IGN (In-Game Name) ROLE
Mark Arellano Choco Mael O Mid Laner
Joshua Dasigao Fezco Roam
Kurt Pugao Xeero Core
Jupiter Valles Jupet Exp Laner
Jade Mercado ImbaDeeJade Gold Laner
Rik Danielle Agarin Shaints? Exp Laner
Matthew Viray Matsuu Gold Laner

Here is the list of players for Call of Duty Mobile:

NAME IGN (In-Game Name) ROLE
Ethan Xander Ferrer Ck. e Anchor
Julia De los Reyes CK Majesty Objective
Queency Nicole Olmoguez CK Kiyoooki Anchor
Justin Lenard Joaquin CK Mont All roles
Rolayssa Chavez CK Charrt Objective
Angelo John Dizon CK 669 Slayer
Lord Roland Mojica CK pompeii Slayer