Letranites Creativity and Passion Mirrors RSOs booths in the 2022 Org Fair

By: Nicole Bernadette Ante
August 08, 2022

The creative comeback of the OrgFair wowed the freshmen and transferees at this year's Binyag Arriba 2022. Artwork by Eah Dino, Francesca Uriel Edmalin, and Jason Kyle Julian.

The recently concluded Binyag Arriba with a theme "Binyag Arriba 2022: 100% Fresh!" has been a successful and fulfilling one. With freshmen gracing the four corners of the Colegio, they have been able to witness the lives of being a Letranite on the two days of August 4 and 5, 2022. While they were being oriented in the SC Auditorium and the assigned venues, numerous Cultural and Performing Arts Groups (CPAG) and Recognized Student Organizations (RSO) invited students to their booths in order to welcome the freshmen and transferees for recruitment. 

The first day mainly consisted of RSOs belonging to the CEIT, CLAS, and COED departments. These included MediaWorks, Studio 1620, The Scribe Journalism Society, Knight Snap, Letran POLITICVS, Letran Information Technology Society, Letran Engineering Society, Letran Legal Management Society, Letran Psychology Society, Letran Future Educators Society, and Blank Canvas Advertising House. These Organizations were located within the SC building. 

The second day on the other hand gave way for the RSOs belonging to the CBAA department. These included the Letran Junior Marketing Association, The Letran Junior People Management Association, Letran CHEFS, Letran Tourism Society, Philippine Association of Food Technologists-Tau Chapter, Philippine Association of Nutrition- Psi Gamma Chapter, Young-Entrepreneurs Society of Letran, Letran Junior Economist Society, Letran Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants, and the Letran Junior Financial Executives. 

Joining these organizations on the 2 day event was the non-collegiate RSOs and CPAGs such as the Letran Student Council, The Lance, The Uknighted Dance Company, The Letran Filipiniana Dance Company, Letran Cyberknights ESports Society, Letran Community Volunteers, Letran DOMNET Youth Group, Letran Peer Facilitators Association, Teatro de Letran, Letran Cheering Squad, Letran Singing Ambassadors, and the Letran Band. All of these organizations in exception to the LSC and The Lance were located at the Salon de Actos. 

Nina Tansengco, president of the Knight Snap, said in an interview with the Lance that “The preparation for the Org Fair was stressful but in the end we were able to fulfill what we wanted to do.” All of the presidents shared the same sentiments since it was difficult to conceptualize their booths to make it appealing to the freshmen but all of them did a great job regarding their booths. 

On the other hand, Nicole Del Monte, president of the Letran Peer Facilitators’ Association (LPFA) emphasized the concept of tambayan wherein she stated that, “LPFA will serve as the tambayan to students after a long day of school and workloads thus making us the safe haven for them.” Meanwhile, the Letran Cyberknights Esports Society highlighted the involvement of Letranites to esports events, and tournaments. He said that “The plans of our organization is to focus on the participation of the Letranites and the members to various events and tournaments that will represent the school in the field of esports.”

Jack Chadrick Tan, Letran Band president, focused on recruiting more members. “We wanted to be more powerful than before with the goal of treating each other as family and having each other’s backs…” said Tan.  He highlighted the love the different organizations offer for their members and the way they will treat them once they join the organizations. Lastly was the company manager of Teatro De Letran, Zea Clemente. She said that there will be lots of bomb productions the organization will offer. She said that, “The Letranites should expect the best. We have prepared lots of good stuff for this school year.” 

The Letranites cannot wait for what the school year has to offer since every organization has its goals and plans for all the members, the Letranites, and the Colegio itself. All participating organizations exerted great amounts of effort just to make their booths eye-catching and informative to all the new students of the Colegio. All of it has been worth it since everything was without a doubt- a success.