First Year CBAA Students, Welcomed to the Colegio with Binyag Arriba Day 2

By: Melody Jade Soriano
August 06, 2022

CBAA students gather at the SC Auditorium to start off the Binyag Arriba Day 2. Photo courtesy of Yvonne Solon.

The 2022 Binyag Arriba Day 2 commences, as around 200 freshmen from the College of Business Administration and Accountancy (CBAA) seized the rainy Friday.

The Binyag Arriba is an annual event that orients freshmen about who Letran and what a Letranite is. This year’s theme, 100% Fresh focused on expounding Letran’s ideals— Deus, Patria, Letran through informing freshmen about the programs that upholds such principles and encourage them to participate with it. The event is comprised of three parts— the Colegio orientation, Collegiate orientation, and the Ritual. Coinciding the event is the Organization Fare where organizations are situated in different grounds to recruit new members. The Department of Student Affairs and the Letran Student Council (LSC) organized the 2-day event with Studio 1620—Broadcasting students’ home organization who served as the event’s production team.

Colegio Orientation

The program started at 8:12 AM and opened with Assoc. Prof. Sanchez’s of the Department of Student Affairs (DSA) welcoming remarks where she told Letranites what Arriba means, “to continue forging ahead like a knight in battle.”This was followed by the Letran—a discussion of the Colegio’s history, Mission and Vision, and the singing of the Hymn del Colegio; Deus— a brief presentation of the Colegio’s spiritual growth efforts by Rev. Fr. Stephen Mari La Ja, O.P., SthL; and Patria— a discussion of volunteer opportunities and efforts by the Colegio. Later on, Assoc. Prof. Sanchez of the DSA, discussed the rules and regulations inside the Colegio. All these are coupled with intermission numbers from the Uknighted Dance Company (UDC) and LSC, and the Letran Filipiniana Dance Company (LFDC).

CBAA Collegiate Orientation

The College of Business Administration’s cohesive Collegiate Orientation introduced its graduate outcomes, faculty and staff, support services, new academic set up— Hyflex, and Registered Student Organizations (RSOs). Asst. Prof. Virginia V. Salonga, DBA, in her first year as the Dean of CBAA explained CBAA’s Academic Policies. These includes the four learning modalities—full online, full onsite, limited face to face, and full modular, The CBAA has 12 programs and five departments namely—HOME(Human Resource Management, Operations Management, Marketing Management, Entrepreneurship); Accountancy, Accounting Information Systems, Financial Management and Economics; Hospitality Management and Tourism Management; Nutrition and Dietetics; and Food Technology with the following chairpersons— Assoc. Prof. Mary Rosaleen Agaton, DBA; Mr. Michael Monreal, CPA, MBA; Asst. Prof. Maria Rowena Diocares-Espinosa, MBA; Inst. Melvin Bernardino, RND, MSc.; and Inst. Neptune Rocamora, MSc. Hosted by Letran CHEFS and LJMA student leaders— Jove Hope and Beatriz Baldueza, the CBAA orientation ended at 3PM to send off its students to the ritual.

Binyag Ritual

Due to the inclement weather, the Binyag ritual and ceremonies were moved to the SC Auditorium. Unlike yesterday’s festivities, in which students are drenched with water as they recite Letran’s cheers at the Letran Grounds, today’s Tatak Arriba Journey will start at the SC Auditorium and end at the back of St. Albert the Great Building as the Letran Band fiercely beats its drums.