The Trial Classes for the Elementary, Junior High School, and Senior High School of Letran: A Testament

By: Juan Manalo
July 26, 2022

Artwork by Francesca Edmalin & Princess May Palma.

The wheel of education must not stop from moving forward thus it will always find its ways and directions for it to go on.

Colegio de San Juan de Letran’s Elementary, Junior High School, and Senior High School departments participated in the Let’s Flex Hyflex Simulation on Tuesday, July 26. This program ushers learners in attaining caliber education by means of a new approach of blended teaching and learning arrangement. 

Undertaking at 7 AM and concluding at 12 PM, the incoming Grades 5 and 9 and STEM12A students, both onsite and remote, witnessed what the program has in store for this new era. Together with the magnanimity of the Colegio’s safety officers, faculty and staff, the day breathed on the atmosphere of the modern face of learning amidst the healing nation.

A Pledge for the Utmost Priority

As COVID-19 is still a thing, safety is the most important consideration. The safety officers of the Colegio ensured  that classrooms follow safety protocols from the line formation during the raising of the flag to the distant arrangement of chairs in every classroom, learners’ health are secured.

Innovation and Equality Meet

The pandemic continues to challenge every educational institution to learn and develop more about the ABCs of technology as it would be the tool for the Hyflex programThe learners were immersed by rooms equipped with apparatuses that made listening and learning understandable and fitting. These innovations cater to the needs of online learners. 

Nothing of these would be possible without the guidance of instructors and educators who took their respective parts for the success of the program.

In these times of challenge and hopes for amelioration, to learn is always a must, to educate is an unstoppable force, and the Colegio’s beginning of Let’s Flex Hyflex Simulation is a testament that education never stops at odds.