The Letran Let’s Flex Hyflex Program: The Start of Modern Innovative Education

By: Andrea Julianne Vera Cruz
July 16, 2022

Artwork by Francesca Edmalin

The COVID-19 pandemic has proven itself a significant challenge to the education system as schools struggle to teach students in a remote setup. With the easing of restrictions, academic institutions began preparing for face-to-face classes and hybrid learning.

Colegio de San Juan de Letran will be introducing a new mode of blended teaching and learning setup called the “Let’s Flex Hyflex” program, utilizing modern technology to continue delivering quality education for their students.

A Flexible and Adaptable System

Letran Let’s Flex Hyflex is divided into four major frames, this evolutionary approach includes different settings such as face-to-face, synchronous, asynchronous, and hybrid.

Frame A is similar to the traditional face-to-face classes wherein students and faculty members can interact physically. Frame B and C will be held in a virtual environment with little need for on-site contacts. While the former (Frame B) is to be done synchronously – or with the participation of a teacher – the latter (Frame C) is asynchronous and thus will not need an instructor’s supervision. Meanwhile, Frame D focuses primarily on offline asynchronous activities that students can perform independently.

The Let’s Flex Hyflex system will allow the following learning models:

  • Full Online Model – where students and faculty will have no physical contact. All lectures and consultations will be held in a virtual setup.
  • Limited Face-to-Face – where at least one (1) on-site meeting is conducted.
  • Full On-Site – where all scheduled regular class activities will be held within the campus. Additionally, all online setups will be simultaneously conducted along with full on-site events with the help of technology.

A Pioneer for Innovative Learning

Colegio de San Juan de Letran has always stayed true to its vision of innovation, research, and quality education. With the help of the Letran Educational Technology Teachers or LET Teach, every step in preparing for this brand-new setup was carefully studied and designed to ensure equal and effective teaching despite all challenges.

Since 2021, Letran started utilizing hybrid setups for Hotel and Restaurant Management (HRM) and Engineering college students. Now, the whole Colegio, from elementary to graduate school, will follow the same learning model in A.Y 2022-2023. Each classroom is equipped with monitors, personal computers, audio equipment, and H.D. cameras to achieve proper hybrid implementation.

Moreover, all educators and support staff have been extensively trained in using Google Workplace to be better equipped with the necessary skillset crucial for teaching in the ever-changing digital age, with Google suite being the primary learning management system of the school.

With everything fitted and geared up, Colegio de San Juan de Letran is set to break new ground in the future of modern education.