Liliyab Na: A Mobile filmmaking contest for ICOMM students!

By: Maria Liza Pore
March 16, 2022

Photo by: Media Works

        As we near the end of the academic year, one would think to indulge in a few of their favorite films or movie bucket lists as a way to finally escape and reward themselves after a whirlwind of events. And while some enjoy watching a good film to pass the time and forget the woes.


       Others love making them.


       From a budding story created at the comfort of one’s mind to a final render of a tale you thought would never see the light of day. The art of filmmaking is complex, one that is too difficult to minuscule into specific camera brands or cinematic techniques. But the common denominator out of all of it is that it starts with an idea that eventually becomes a great story worth telling.


       And for the aspiring filmmakers out there and the like, Media Works presents a new beginning in hopes to reignite the passion for Filipino film and arts. LIYAB: Ang Pamamayagpag ng Pelikulang Pilipino, is a mobile filmmaking contest for student filmmakers open to all Institute of Communication students of every level.



  1. The mobile filmmaking contest is open for all bonafide students of the Institute of Communication.
  2. The short film must have a total running time (TRT) of 3-5 minutes.
  3. The short film must strictly be shot vertically or in portrait mode.
  4. The short film must strictly be shot and edited using only a mobile phone (any)
  5. The making of the film is strictly remote shooting.
  6. The short film must include the text: “An Official Entry to Liyab: Ang Pamamayagpag ng Pelikulang Pilipino” and proceeded by the participants’ program/course.
  7. The film narrative should revolve around the theme: “Siklab ng Nakaraan, Liyab ng Kasalukuyan”
  8. Entries must be submitted by a group consisting of 3 to 5 members.


        Failure to meet the technical requirements of the film will result in disqualification.


   Along with the short film, each group must also submit:

  • A completely filled out application form 
  • A shareable and downloadable Google Drive link that contains the following:
  • 3-5-minute film (MP4 format)
  • 30-second teaser (MP4 format)
  • Film poster (JPEG format)
  • Proof that the film was made and edited using a mobile phone (screenshots, behind the scene pictures, screen recording)
  • Use “LIYAB ENTRY” as the email subject.
  • The file names of the attachments are as follows:
  • Copyrighted music is strictly prohibited. Avoid using audio and music that would be read as copyrighted, as this may lead to disqualification


        All entries shall be sent through the Media Works’ official COMM Drive email: Entries must be submitted from March 17, 2022, to March 27, 2022 (until 11:59 PM only). Late submissions will not be accepted.



Major Awards (inclusion of trophies for each place)

  • Best Picture - 6,000 PHP
  • 2nd Best Picture - 4,000 PHP
  • 3rd Best Picture - 2,000 PHP

Special Recognition Awards

  • Best Director - 500 PHP
  • People’s Choice - 500 PHP
  • Best Editor - 500 PHP


       For a detailed breakdown of the mechanics and application form:


      Shortlisted entries will be subject to voting based on set criteria that will be used for judging, and will also be available for viewing on the Media Works Youtube channel. Updates will be posted throughout the duration of the contest through the official Facebook Page of Media Works. The awarding will be happening on April 5, 2022.


      Reignite and keep the fire burning of Philippine cinema.