To Get The Fire Back

By: Beatriz Aque
February 03, 2022

Graphic by: Francesca Edmalin

    After a productive and progressive semester, here we are again. While for some, it is their last before heading on to the real world. There could be times when students feel too tired and might have lost their motivation. It could not be just in school, but also in simplest tasks like chores, hobbies, etc. One way or another, losing motivation can be a handful for most people. 


     YouTube vlogger, Hannah Pangilinan with her podcast titled, '5 Tips to Create Motivation (for times we need it the most)' is intended to give the listeners a perspective of what motivation is and how it affects a person. 


     The vlogger first defined motivation based on Webster's dictionary: a force or influence that causes someone to do something. A person losing sight of their motivation needs to recognize why they are losing it in the first place. According to Pangilinan, one should express why they are not motivated through writing or telling a friend. 


    "Environment is the invisible hand that shapes the human behavior." – James Clear 


    Pangilinan quoted James Clear's statement in his book “Atomic Habits” which she tries to pertain to the idea that visual cues are there to motivate people to do something. It can be like putting schoolwork on a desk can make you think that you will work. It may seem like a trick to a person’s mind, but no one will know if it works unless one tries it. 


     Additionally, Pangilinan reminded the importance of setting a reward in tasks to get it done. If, in the first place, some people just start doing something and have a rewarding feeling for having progress later on.


     Nonetheless, she also voiced that people should constantly be reminded of their 'whys.' A person's whys could be their ambition or core motivation. It applies especially to students nowadays during this time of pandemic. Perhaps, the core motivation that they have become blurry due to circumstances that it has brought, many became demotivated. Even in an online class setting, no one can deny the fact that the world is facing challenging times without certainty. Other students still face demotivation in the online learning setup 


     The release of this podcast is timely, and it is made to motivate and help people get that fire back and protect it even in trying moments.