The Goodbye List

By: Juan Manalo
February 01, 2022


           Every journey has an end. For every dawn there’s always its dusk. And so, from the very long adventure that ended 2021 with the coolest kiss of December, began 2022 with a bright new vision, we go forth on another breathtaking month of February. We can’t help but to be amazed, gratified, and content with some of the things that we have discovered and accomplished, but it is also inevitable to see some matters that are best to just leave behind and reflect some changes as January ends.


          We want to write our new year in fresh pages, so it is necessary to remind ourselves once more to finally drop the points that made some moments of the previous year imbalanced, compromised, or in other words inefficient.



           Several students can relate to the idea of knowing such priorities but lacking the will to accomplish them. It is true that everyone’s time is precious as gold, and we cannot just control the capability of our body to start moving, but perhaps, it’s time to finally consider the brighter picture. 


         The situation everywhere might still be developing to be normal, so until the days are at its progress, we must strive to be firm in our goal, without second thoughts, without fear and uncertainties. Saying goodbye to procrastination will be a good start.



       Don’t be silly! You are you.

       Something to bring in this new year is the thought of being unique in our own ways. Making comparisons became one of our 2021 vibes because at some point it helped in several endeavors, but too much clinging to the idea can be corrosive and unhealthy, especially when one tends to make it as a basis of course of action. Embracing the new season means embracing one's own good and others’ quality as well. 



         We love to be right. However, being gratuitously right all the time is not always good. One of the challenges that the remote kind of working and learning has introduced is the notion of being sanctimonious. Although it doesn’t seem too obvious externally, it remains relevant from the inside of our mind. It is not a mistake to coin something that we perceive as morally correct, but everyone has their prerogatives; and the more we invalidate other’s conceptions, the more we erroneously associate superiority with unfairness.



          Believe it or not, the pandemic did not just isolate the COVID positive, it also separated the many from usuals, norms, standards, and other comfort zones. With the digital age acting as the main hero to rescue socialization (education, work, etc.), the best chance we have is making new connections, however, not everyone is good at it, so some people make double efforts to be accepted to the point of being irrational. Before making points on the new page, it is best to have an approval first from yourself so things shall follow brilliantly and with confidence. 


         According to George Santayana, “Those who never learned from history are condemned to repeat it,”. And may all unpleasantries remain as history.



  1. A Fight Against Poverty: Launching of Angat Buhay NGO
  2. President Ferdinand Romualdez Marcos Jr.; Now on the Highest Seat of the Nation
  3. First woman-elect Lacuna takes oath as the 28th Mayor of Manila
  4. Letran falters to Arellano; Loses in 4 sets
  5. “It’s not a signal for me to stop, but to keep on going.”: NBA Dream still alive for Kai Sotto even after Draft Snub
  6. Letran bows to Lyceum; Drops to 1-4
  7. Manila Day: More Than Just a Holiday
  8. Lady Knights Escape San Beda in Five Set Thriller; Finally Enters Winning Column
  9. Knights sweep Cardinals, cops 19th NCAA title
  10. Letran Completes Comeback Over Mapua to Take Game One
  11. Still in Shining Armor: Letran Escaped The Altas’ Scare, Charges to the NCAA 97 Finals With an Unblemished Record.
  12. Letran Escapes Arch-rivals, Finishes Elimination Round With A Clean Sweep
  13. Elite Eight: Abando, Paraiso Lead Knights to Gritty Win Against Golden Stags, Secures Final Four Slot.
  14. Knights Thrash Bombers, Extending Their Unbeaten Streak to 7-0.  
  15. A Look Into Ping Lacson
  16. Letran Escapes Lyceum, Secures Fifth Straight Win of the Season
  17. Knights Continue Hot Streak, Trounces Mapua
  18. Letran Triumphs Over Perpetual, Abando Records Career Game
  19. Letran Dominates Arellano, gets 2nd Straight Win
  20. Letran Charges Back, Edges Benilde in NCAA ‘97 Opener
  21. Rewriting OPM: The P-pop Takeover
  22. Filipino Humor and Pinoy Comedy Films: A Sacrosanct Relationship
  23. The Unfaltering Voice of the Press
  24. To Get The Fire Back
  25. Pearl's Pride and Glory: First Philippine Republic Day
  26. CHED and DOH Visit Letran In Preparation For NCAA Bubble, Colegio Now Approved For Training
  27. Stand-up Comedy Culture with The KoolPals
  28. LCES, Finally an Official Alliance of AcadArena
  29. LSC launches “TamBike-an sa Letran”
  30. To The Unsung Heroes in Our Screens
  31. To the Unsung Heroes in Our Screens
  32. Tokyo 2021: Looking back and moving forward
  33. Exhibiting ‘Resiliency and Creativity’: NCAA Season 96 to kick off on June 13
  34. NCAA ‘Special’ Season 96 to push through with online sporting events in May
  35. Letran alumnus to send Colegio’s 400th Anniversary score and lyrics to the moon
  36. LOOKBACK: A glimpse of Letran’s Yellow Brick Road of Sports in 2020
  37. Two bullets each
  38. DENR awards Colegio with Gawad Maparaan
  39. Letran conducts webinar on violence against women
  40. The Greatest Reset
  41. Lloyd Cadena: More than a vlogger
  42. Long live the King!
  43. Former Tigers Paraiso, Bataller set to become new members of the Knights
  44. Killing our heroes
  45. Students urge suspension of online classes despite memo from VPAA
  46. Philippines under state of calamity due to COVID-19
  47. NCAA Season 95 suspended indefinitely
  48. Letranites express dismay over Paskong Arriba
  49. Quadricentennial Year 4 ends with a double celebration
  50. Letran dethrones San Beda, claims 18th title
  51. Dugong Arriba: Kilalanin ang ating Rektor