To The Unsung Heroes in Our Screens

October 05, 2021

To be a teacher means dedicating your whole life to your students and believe that that is the most commendable thing about this profession. Shaping and honing students on a daily basis is not an easy job. The level of patience and perseverance that a teacher must have is something that not all people have. But ever since the pandemic has started, each and everyone’s daily lives have never been the same.

Students on social media often complain how hard it is for them to adjust to this kind of lifestyle. They plead for change and consideration as the situation is never easy. Teachers may not express it that much, but one could see how hard it is for them as well. 

Professors and teachers who are not so familiar with technology, and are only comfortable with traditional kinds of teaching, have to start learning about the basics of handling an online class. The fact that they’re still trying and eager to adjust in this kind of set-up just for them to be able to continue teaching students even in this time of the pandemic shows their dedication in educating their students. 

Teachers are also having a hard time making their classes seem more interesting since the virtual set-up has required them to change or create a comfortable ambiance through their digital devices. They try to think of creative ideas every synchronous class just to keep their students engaged and interested in the subject that they’re teaching. The means of communication of faculty teachers are also a huge adjustment to them since they usually hold meetings in person.

It may seem like a minor problem but constructing, sharing, and discussing in an online meeting would require a lot of adjustment as there may be technological interferences such as internet instability, having no gadgets, etc. 

All those struggles mentioned do not cover everything that teachers encounter on a day-to-day basis. There are also personal trials that we know nothing about that could make teaching in these troubling times be harder for them. 

Despite all of that, the hard work and dedication they have for teaching and guiding their students towards their future is surely immeasurable.  I give my full respect for the teachers and professors that still strive for quality education for the students even though we’re all experiencing difficulties in online learning. 

On this day, we celebrate their efforts and sacrifices for the students. We thank you, teachers and professors, for still being with us and for trying to make learning in this period of the pandemic be more tolerable and manageable. Your constant patience, sacrifice, and effort for us students will always be appreciated and respected. 

I salute to every teacher and professors out there who are keeping their high spirits up! Nothing in this world can really beat a teacher’s passion in teaching. Indeed, real heroes don’t wear capes, they teach.



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