Letranites express dismay over Paskong Arriba

By: Jackqueline Pilar
December 12, 2019

Photo by Janea Orate/ The LANCE.

LETRAN celebrated the Paskong Arriba 2019 with the theme 'Si Kristo ang Panalo sa Pasko ng Colegio’ earlier today at the St. Thomas Grounds.

However, the Colegio capped off this year’s Paskong Arriba without a concert, unlike the previous years, which left the students disappointed.

Kung kelan may kadate na dapat ako sa paskong arriba doon naman walang ganap, ang damot mo letran!!!

— pia (@pia19822) 

paskong arriba no more :((

— (@alohanicaaa)

paskong arriba gone wrong

— (@Jp_Taladua) 

“Hindi nag-end ang year with a bang. Ang tagal ko nang nag-aaral sa Letran, and masasabi ko na ako and halos lahat ng students na kilala ko, Paskong Arriba [concert] talaga ang pinakainaabangan,” Broadcasting major Paolo Trinidad expressed.

“Tinawag pa rin nilang 'Paskong Arriba' ito ngunit hindi ito ‘yong Paskong Arriba na kinalakihan ko,” he added.

Meanwhile, the Letran Student Council (LSC) shared their side of the story amidst online posts criticizing the organization.

“The Letran Student Council is not the organization to arrange the said event,” LSC president Charmaine Yatco said in an interview with The LANCE.

Yatco explained that there was an assigned Paskong Arriba committee which was composed of representatives from the different offices inside the Colegio.

“LSC's only duty is to raise the band suggestions and demands of the student body to them who has the main role of organizing it,” Yatco said.

She even furthered that based on the tuition fee break down for the first semester; there has been no collection for Paskong Arriba - only for the Colegio Week celebration and the Arriba Fest concert.

“As a result of that, the Paskong Arriba concert was not approved due to the budget constraints,” Yatco said.

Moreover, the tasked committee for the event has not released a statement yet regarding the concert.

Despite negative reactions, some students remained positive while celebrating the Paskong Arriba.

“Nairaos ang Paskong Arriba nang masaya kahit walang concert. Dinig mo sa mga tao ang excitement nila lalo na noong Bingo kasi lahat sila ay may kagustuhang manalo,” Communication major Maevel Fajardo said.

This year's Paskong Arriba was celebrated with the Arriba Christmas Mass, the Paskong Arriba Raffle, the students’ Christmas party, the Faculty Frolics, and the Bingo Socials.

Helping the Paskong Arriba committee in organizing the event were the Office of Alumni and Public Affairs, as well as the LSC.