The ‘Fear’ Factor

By: MB Tan
November 06, 2017

IT feeds from our fears. After the release of the movie adaptation of Stephen King’s novel IT, and a remake of the 1990 film, the classic has been a talk of the town since once again. Although horror movies are less preferred than other movie genres, we all could relate to this one.

First, we all have our deepest fears. Most of the time our fear hinders us from stepping out our comfort zone. When feelings resurface from our traumas, it becomes too overwhelming to the point that we could actually drown from the situation. Fear becomes a root cause of regret. If we let the state overcome our capabilities, then the possibility to reach our goal is slim to none. Conquer the phobias, because if we choose to hide from it, remember that it will keep tracking us, coming back for us. It guarantees its return and will summon another trial until we learn our lesson—for not letting it overshadow us amidst danger.Second, fear strikes even when we are strong.

Although it attacks when the vulnerability is present, never be assured that it cannot pummel at glory days. Remember that it appears when we least expect it.

Now that there has been frequent news regarding President Duterte planning to execute a Nationwide Martial Law, some of us feel triggered by the fear of facing an unwanted experience rooted from our history. The situation in Marawi is not an excuse to dispense martial law nationwide. We don’t need the martial law! All we need is an effective defense system that does not condemn but protects its people.

Let us not be blinded by the current issues about the country, especially on the extrajudicial killings. Pray and fight for justice. Defend the innocent, protect our rights, say no to anything that will lead us to vulnerability. Get involved by reading facts on historical events. Take the side that is Pro Philippines. Together we will conquer our greatest fears with proper knowledge, common sense, and quick actions.

Third, fear strengthens us. Let us defeat IT by knowing that we are stronger than our demons. There are temporary things in life that should not reside within us forever. Fear is a factor that becomes an army, an inspiration, and a purpose to defeat. We thirst ourselves to victory, that in every trial we face, we know we could win over our anxieties, social issues, academic problems, and family disputes.

We cannot permanently destroy our terrors in life, but there are ways to effectively battle over it. Fix our state of mind that “this is something big or something new!” Accept the challenge. Seek help and gain allies along the way. Introduce yourself with creativity in strategizing your not your way out, but it’s way out. Rise through it. Eventually, you’ll see that our fear is not as strong as we thought it would be or it is.

“Courage is not the absence of fear but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear. The brave may not live forever but the cautious do not live at all,” said by Meg Cabot. Be brave and conquer!

(First published on The LANCE's September Issue)