MIBF returns for its 38th year

By: Louise Lizan, Danielle Macadangdang
October 31, 2017


The Manila International Book Fair has returned for its 38th year. Students, readers, publishers, booksellers, distributors, authors, and illustrators have gathered dutifully to get to celebrate the written word.

Aiming to provide the love for books and knowledge among the public, the international book fair has grown in its audience and exhibitors for years. This event consistently piques the interest of people of all ages, showcasing different variation of reads from fiction to non-fiction, academic books to educational aids, storybooks to coloring books, whatever you’d like. The possibilities of a good find and a good read is endless.

The MIBF has been a craze this year, with people piling up at the venue, all buzzing to get their hands on one, two, or more books for a much cheaper price. There had not been many people during the weekdays, of course, but it was impossible to get in when the weekend arrived—as everyone came out with different plastic bags from different bookshops, leaving also with great smiles and (less) money. But nonetheless, book lovers have come gathered and spent hours finding and satisfying themselves with as many books as they can buy.

But, the books were not merely the exciting awaiting book lovers. This year’s MIBF stepped up their game by inviting local celebrities and showcasing their own books for the readers, and their fans to indulge in. Considerable chunks of people in the venue were devoted celebrity fans, waiting for them to come up and be seen. The venue was indeed full-packed and there were people even lining up outside the building, serving as a glaring indication of what bibliophiles are all capable of doing for a good read.

Lines could be seen everywhere, and it was impossible to move around freely. Sometimes it’s hard to move at all, trying to find the book you’d been looking for. It was very crowded, and there were numerous people trying to get the same book as you are, and most of the time the book you wanted can be found in someone else’s hand. It has been a challenge every time at the book fair, but there isn’t more than a second that you’ll be able to distract yourself again with another book you saw.

The MIBF’s also known for inviting international authors. This year’s guests were best-selling authors Jenny Han and Siobhan Vivian. ‘To The Boys I’ve Loved Before’ is one of Han’s masterpiece, thus, there were a lot of people who piled up to meet her, taking their precious hours waiting for their precious author. Siobhan Vivian was the woman behind ‘The Last Boy and Girl In The World,’ and also took readers at her line, waiting for their books to get signed.

Overall, the Manila International Book Fair shaped up to be an amazing event that brought bibliophiles together. It was impossible to leave the event without a book, and also to leave with just one book. Book lovers have been satisfied, discovering books they haven’t even heard of before, surprised themselves with books they haven’t tried to read. People have come to the MIBF giving themselves a treat after spending hours drowning themselves in books.

Books are a thing a lot of people treasure, collect, and of course, indulged themselves in. Most of the time, books are expensive, and with all the expenses, it’s a waste for people to go and get one. The Manila International Book Fair has been servicing book-lovers every year, surprising each and every attendee for all the special things they’re going to get.

The prospect of book fairs to come should be a treat for all.