Inspire Congress: Stories of ups and downs

By: Ma. Cecilia Labon
September 04, 2017

MILLENNIALS INSPIRING MILLENNIALS. Philippine Star Campus members give certificates of appreciation to the first batch of speakers.

With a high desire in motivating students around the Metro, the Philippine Star Campus, the Philippine Star, and in partnership with Colegio de San Juan de Letran, gave Letranites a congress that talked about stories of discouragement that turned into inspiration.

“The vision of the event is to actually make young people move and change the world positively, whatever pocket of it they belong to,” told Philippine Star Campus Editor-in-Charge Vberni Regalado in an interview with The LANCE.

To start the inspiration-packed congress, Vice-President for Academic Affairs Assoc. Prof. Cristina Castro-Cabral gave her welcoming remarks with such passion and energy.

She wondered, rhetorically asking the audience on how can they find an inspiration in times of hardships and how can they become a source of inspiration to others. "To inspire means you have to tell your story. The story must be something that everybody could be connected in terms of the story that you would like to relate," she said.

Cabral continued telling millennials that in order for them to serve as an inspiration to others, they will have to undergo, think beyond, and overcome both triumphs and tribulations in their lives. "You have to survive, you have to learn each time you're going to suffer and hurt. Then, you tell your own story and when you keep on telling your story, you, too, will become a source of inspiration," she ended, hoping that millennials will realize in their hearts that they are all walking sources of inspiration.

The first batch of speakers includes four young millennials who have succeeded in their own chosen fields.

First was Vince Liban, an LGBT member, who advocates the recognition of equal rights and respect towards the LGBT community. “You should never say sorry with something you are born with,” Liban said as he encouraged people like him to be proud of themselves. “A hate to the LGBT community is a hate to all community,” he added, as he finished his speech reminding the people that everyone only needs love and respect.

Colegio’s very own Nico Aquino, incumbent secretary of the Letran Student Council, was the second speaker. In his speech, Aquino highlighted the importance of hard work towards success. “Work hard every day, no matter how many times you fail, you need to stand up and to move forward to your goal as long as you have a purpose,” the fourth year Legal Management major said. He also reminded the people to value themselves. “Have a purpose and value yourself, be humble and stay grounded,” said Aquino as he ended his talk.

The third speaker, Levi Jun Miscala, a dedicated grade school teacher, urged the audience to work with passion. He narrated inspiring stories about his students that touched the audience’s heart. He pointed out that people should be passionate and love their work in order to find contentment.

Last but not the least was Janessa Tek-ing. She influenced her audience to exercise the work-life balance. “What’s the meaning of this thing that I’m doing and why am I doing it?” Tek-ing asked, as she tells her story of finding satisfaction in life. She encouraged the students to enjoy the process and the journey of finding their own happiness and fulfillment in life.

After Tek-ing’s speech a discussion panel was moderated by Regalado, asking several questions to the speakers so they may be able to strengthen their advocacy of influencing the audience.

For the second batch of speakers, Ms. AizaMesina, a successful entrepreneur went first. She founded La Carnita-Modern Mexican Cantina and Nachos A La Bomba. She inspired the listeners by narrating her own version of success in the entrepreneurship world.

Next was Royce Salva, an advocate for special education. Like Miscala, Salva also narrated heartwarming stories of his special students. He pointed out that people should have the joy, passion and love towards the work they do in order to effectively help people in need.

Tiffany Uy, a student leader who graduated from the University of the Philippines with a near-perfect grade average was the third speaker. During her talk, she recounts her battle towards having lupus, but this didn’t stop her on achieving various achievements. She inspired the audience by reminding them that people should work hard even if they have disabilities.

Perci Cedaña, a youth advocate from the National Youth Commission, urged today’s generation to do the right things in order to have a better community. The young advocate focused his speech by reminding the students that they have to work hard to build a healthier and successful society.
The forum left a mark on both hearts and minds of the students as they envision themselves on the road to success.

The said seminar was originally planned to happen last July 28, but due to the inclement weather it was pushed on June August 4. The Philippine Star also plans to conduct another Inspire Congress leg this September at the Ateneo de Manila University.