Beyond the Sport: What Letran athletes do when not playing sports?

By: Hannah Heramia
August 08, 2017

Juggling athletic activities and academics during the season is surely difficult for student-athletes. But that doesn’t mean they don’t do anything else outside of the two.

While they spend most of their time on the court or inside the classroom; they still have lots of interest which they pursue during their spare time.

Here are the hobbies of some of our student-athletes.

1. Rey Nambatac, Men’s Basketball
“Aside from playing basketball, I’m a car enthusiast.”

Letran Knights shooting guard Rey Nambatac is known for his on-court, suave moves. We may usually see him faking out defenders and scoring buckets, but little did we know that the Cagayan de Oro native has a great passion for the sweetest rides.

He enjoys driving and likes to learn how every spec of a car works.  He even customized his own ride -- a bright red sedan with gleaming wheels – to match his exquisite on-court basketball skills. Better check Rey’s Instagram though and not see #ballislife posts anymore, but see #baeios instead: his car’s name.

2. Khristopher Mejia, Track and Field
“Actually ‘pag off-season, ang ginagawa kong pahinga ay makinig ng mga rap music.”

He may have thrown the greatest distances on the field, but you wouldn’t exactly know that rapping is just a simple hobby-turned-passion for track and field team captain mostly known as “King.”

King admits Eminem as his rap idol. One of the most decorated rappers in hip-hop, Slim Shady’s ability to construct stories and craft arguments from mind to mic is the reason King admires him.

Also, aside from the momentous verses, King believes memorizing rap lines give him a technique in memorizing academic terms easier. What?

3. Entezar Bangcola, Women’s Volleyball
“Malaking part kasi ang environment sa tourism, so advocacy ko ‘yung eco-tourism.”

The Lady Knight setter isn’t only worried about fighting for school pride. She also advocates in saving threatened animals as a volunteer for the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), a non-government organization that aims to prevent animal cruelty. In fact, she even helped in rescuing abused dogs back in 2015.

On another personal note, becoming an environmental advocate is a commendable goal for her. As a Tourism student, she works to promote sustainable growth that protects the country’s resources through volunteering and initiating activities.

4. Zechariah Jan Sison, Men’s Volleyball
“Hobby ko talaga ‘yung photography, maganda siyang pampalipas oras.”

Aside from his speed and powerful spikes, Zechariah Sison is also a photographer and a traveler. He has traveled to different places and carries a Nikon D5100 and Go Pro Hero 4 with him wherever he goes, taking snapshots of the things that attract him.

His range includes architectural subjects, landscapes, portraits, and up-close shots of almost everything we see. However, capturing people’s expressions is his favorite.

He mentioned that he acquired his photography skills through his own especially during weddings along with his godparents who are both professional photographers.

5. Leo Jeff Prince Orsolino, Badminton
“Hilig ko talagang mag-travel. Nagagawa ko naman siya actually dahil sa mga competition namin na ginaganap outside Manila."

With his enormous commitment that goes into excelling at his sport, the Letran Shuttler likes to travel a lot. And since life is a one-time-big-time episode, Leo makes sure his travels are worth it.

Visiting new places and having adventures are the things he looks forward to during the off-season. He has traveled to different parts of the country such as Vigan, Pangasinan, Aklan, and seeks to add more to his bucket list of venues.

6. Joseph Earl Lacson, Swimming
“Mahilig din ako sa music eh. Stress reliever ko na rin.”

Praising his remarkable performance in the previous NCAA season, this Aqua Knight is another athlete who has great passion for music. Aside from his swimming skill and great endurance, he works his way on the six-string game during his spare time. In fact, he posts some of his fingerstyle guitar arrangements on his social media accounts.

Whether he’s competing or studying, Jorel always finds a way to have that chill, acoustic vibe once in a while for a little break from the stress.