The Resurgence of Knights Television

By: Patricia Ramos
August 08, 2017

Colegio De San Juan De Letran’s very own Knights Cable Television (Knights TV) is ready to get intensified. In celebration this June of its 10th founding anniversary, Knights TV heads with brand new shows and hosts, newly positioned officers and staff, and finally, a must-see tribute chronicling how the organization became what it is today.

First launched as K@BLE in 2007 with Communication Arts major Darika Roquero as its managing director, Knights TV became one of the premiere recognized student organizations in the Colegio. In 2011, K@BLE was rebranded to “Knights TV", bringing vitality back into the campus television organization under the management of yet another Communication major in Gian Carlo Isidro.

In the past 10 years, Knights TV has not only produced shows that provide news and entertainment to the whole student body, it has also become part of their lives as well. There is little doubt that Knights TV will continue in its tradition of serving with passion and aiming for greatness now that it enters a new chapter in its storied existence.

To commemorate this organization’s milestone, Knights TV will be airing a special tribute video of how it managed to come this far. A gentle spoiler alert: that KTV presentation will feature its past Managing Directors and officers for the tribute.

“We want not just us, the officers and staff, to grow but our fellow Letran Knights, as well, so we are planning to conduct seminars about cinematography, advertising, and television,” Lie Rain Kimzle Clemente, KTV’s incumbent Managing Director told The LANCE in an interview.

“Also, Knights4reel, the film department of Knights TV, will be showcasing again some of the best Cinemalaya short films and, hopefully, best of Sulyap documentaries as well.”
Furthermore, Knights TV will be releasing a new Buzzfeed-esque entertainment show, which is all but certain to rake in the viewership of the pop-culture savvy Letran community.

A cornerstone of these developments will be the fresh, new faces. Last June 6 & 8, auditions and interviews for hosts and other positions were held at the Media Center in St. Thomas building where students from different programs filed their application forms.

Inst. Leonard Abanilla, adviser of Knights TV for the past three years, said that one of the things that students of Letran should watch out for is the partnership of ITMS with Knights TV in the launching of Arriba Campus Radio 400. Abanilla mentioned that they are planning to have additional televisions around the campus and a live broadcast of the TV production of the third year Communication students.

A director’s reflections
Riel Reyes, a Communication Arts alumnus, was Knights TV’s managing director for academic year 2015-2016. In his tenure at the helm, Reyes had the tall task of paving the way for his organization as manager, all while being a student under the tutelage of the Letran’s famed Institute of Communication. Regardless of the challenges, Reyes soldiered on, and now stands grateful to the organization he had once helped lead.

“(It was) absolutely life changing. It was not easy to handle an organization that is as grand as Knights TV,” Reyes said. “Personally, it helped me become organized and critical. I had to weigh priorities whether which show should air this week, what event should we hold or will this line be offensive for broadcast. It also helped me hone my communication skills as I have to talk and approach plenty of people when meeting them for production, shoots (tapings) and more.”

Knights Cable Television got this far not merely because of the efforts of its members, but also because of the support of its viewers and the Letran community. While it has had its share of success and acclaim in the last decade, the Colegio should be fortunate to have a fresh cast of characters behind Knights TV, all of whom are rearing to put on a good show.