Mang George’s Chicken recipe revealed

March 23, 2018

Art by Shaira Bungcag

The crisp, the taste, the aroma, one bite and you know it’s Mang George’s tasty fried chicken. There is not one Letranite in the campus who does not know the excitement brought by these delicious fried wings matched with a very flavorful sauce.

There are various ingredients that make up Mang George’s fried chicken. In a special and very private interview with The LANCE, Mang George ‘The Magnificent’ shared how what his chickens are made of.

Fresh oil

Ever wondered why Letran’s lower floor canteen is not air-conditioned or as cold as Knights’ canteen just above it? Hold your horses because The LANCE just uncovered a very interesting recipe story:

“I would have to start with the oil, kailangan ang oil ay fresh na fresh,” said Mang George as he squeezed his white bimpo vigorously.

“’Yung mga upuan namin, oil absorbent ‘yang mga ‘yan, kapag gabi na bumabalik kami to open the chairs’ secret compartments, tapos kukunin namin ang fresh and (take note) clean oil through my white bimpo,” Mang George added.

Breading mix

If it isn’t really that obvious, Mang George’s fried chicken is also 70% breading mix most especially on days with highly-regarded events like Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities’ (PAASCU) inspection day.

“Masarap talaga ang chicken breading mix namin, I bet kung wala ito, hindi rin ma e-enjoy ng Letranites  ang chicken ko, sa sobrang sarap ng breading mix, mga manok na mismo nag b-bread sa mga sarili nila,” Mang George proudly stated.

Colored water sauce

Of course, the gravy is free and unlimited because Mang George’s job is just to pour water, salt, and whisper his magical chicken incantation inside the steel jug-esque container to fill up the ‘gravy-yard’.  

Luh? Gravy siya,” Mang George shouted as a regular customer poured almost all the gravy he had prepared. “Akala niya ata soup?” he rhetorically asked as he shared his plastic gravy cups to other customers.

The love for chicken

Throughout the years, Mang George’s chicken legacy will continue to fill the stomach of every Letranite one wobbly I-am-not-sure-if-it’s-plastic-or-paper plate at a time.

For over a decade, Mang George's fried chicken has been the source of protein for student-athletes playing for the National Collegiate Athletics Association like Mark Cruz, Rey Nambatac, and Jom Sollano. This very chicken gives them ample amount of energy to bring their A-game inside the court! Get yours now and be physically fit and healthy!

Also, here’s a pro-tip. To continue the fried chicken experience, you can get fried chicken crumbs for extra. Just ask the staff. You’re welcome.

(First published in our SPOOF ISSUE: DUH LANCE.)