New Letran league to benefit Samboy Lim

By: Jonash Dannug
March 20, 2018

Photo from Knights Basketball League official Facebook page

Another track has opened for Letranites to form camaraderie and express their love for the game of basketball, as the Knights Basketball League (KBL) in partnership with Cognoa Probiotics International will formally open on March 25 at the Blessed Antonio Varona Gymnasium.

Former Letran Knights star Ronjay Enrile, together with his batchmates Kim Chester Go and Fritz Floirendo established the idea of launching a league that will be beneficial for the Letran community.

“We came up with the idea of having a league which will benefit our alma mater,” Enrile said in an interview with The LANCE.

The three created the league as a way to give back to their alma mater. Moreover, the league’s profit would benefit former Letran standout Samboy Lim.

“We realized na mas kailangan ni Kuya Samboy ng tulong,” Enrile said. “He is one of the icons of Letran so inuna talaga namin siya, and I think it’s a way also na magkaisa tayong mga Letranista."

Dubbed as the ‘Skywalker’ for his high flying moves in the PBA, Lim collapsed during an exhibition game following a heart attack four years ago, regaining consciousness in January 2015.

Enrile will be the commissioner of the KBL. He won a championship for Letran in 2003 and was named as the Finals MVP. KBL is a testament to the well-built relationship of Letran and Enrile.

"Wala ‘rin ako sa kinakatayuan ko ngayon if wala [ang] Letran. Letran made Ronjay Enrile, ‘yun siguro,” he said.

The league is composed of two divisions; the Knights, which consists players from age 38 and above. While the Squires division is, open for any age with the restrictions of one ex-PBA and three ex-NCAA senior players. Games will be scheduled every Sunday.