Join the 15th Muralla Literary Portfolio of The LANCE!

December 16, 2017

A story, a poem, a note in a sheet of music—the most affecting art about loss is always universal.

It could be argued that, one way or another, each person becomes acquainted with loss; heartbreak, searing departures, and possessions we hold dear but have to let go of—these things and how we deal in its aftermath are what make us who we are. 

Many a word has been written, time and again, about these pains. That this is true, only goes to show how timeless many of these stories are.

It will be a trying task, but these are the stories we want to hear.


- A student may only submit a maximum of two entries per category.
- All entries must have the category (in uppercase) and its title as its file name.

Example: SANAYSAY Petmalu

- Entries must be sent to the official e-mail address of the publication: also attaching the following details: full name, year and program, and contact number.