Netflix gems: Series that Deserves the Spotlight

March 11, 2019

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After a stressful, nail-biting week spent in school, it’s safe to say that chilling at home is well-deserved, comfortably wrapped up in a blanket, fully prepared to watch a long list of series on Netflix the whole weekend. There is a bunch of binge-worthy series to choose from that it’s going to warrant a week-long stay in bed. Really well-deserved.

It’s easy to choose, considering that there will always be a series that everyone will talk about on social media, it’s just a matter of preferences, so click away on the trending list!

So this is probably going to be another recommendation of underrated series, but hear this out – these are some of the gems that deserve as much attention as everything else.


Sherlock Holmes stayed true to its nature on the British crime drama series adaptation where we can all agree that Benedict Cumberbatch impeccably nailed the role of the much-loved protagonist.

Aside from Cumberbatch’s spectacular performance, Sherlock unquestionably exemplified visually pleasing frames which helped on executing the most crucial scenes which helped build-up the intensity of the scenes throughout the whole series.

It is a series that momentarily provides you entertainment. Dull scenes are non-existent. It just keeps on getting better and better after each episode.

Sherlock will not let you down. It was made only to exceed your expectations.


Sense8 is a science-fiction drama in which the story revolves around eight people from five different continents who possess the capability to live through each other’s lives. They were basically given the gift of telepathy which was a mystery that they try to solve their own accord. A mystery that tediously unfolds as the story progresses.

Sense8 has an irresistible charm that enthralls its audience after each episode. It leaves everyone wanting for more until they are sucked into its fictional world, invested in each of the characters’ complex personalities. You might get a little too attached to them because the protagonists are all so easy to like that it’ll actually hurt to see them aggravating.

It might not be a show that can entirely be appreciated by everyone, but it is also a show that people genuinely think they need. Its intellect corresponds with its audiences in a way that does not come off intimidating. It balances out each of the film’s elements, generating equal expertise in terms of the storyline and cinematography.

Even if the series gained praise from critics (which it rightfully deserves), Netflix still canceled and failed to renew the show for a third season with the sole reason of how it did not attract enough viewers to support its high production cost as clarified by Netflix’s vice president.

That’s why it is a must for you to watch the series. Who knows? Maybe it’ll pave the way for the producers to reconsider canceling and renew for season three.


Explained is a Netflix Original documentary series that focuses on answering questions about certain topics which range from the world
of K-Pop to the cause of racial wealth gap. Each episode comprehensively explicates in-depth analyses of significant subjects and are intricately explained in a way which is understandable for its audience.

The show aids convenience to those who like to feed themselves with essential information through a creative approach. It does not throw
excessive material that the audience are still engrossed after indulging every bit of info.

Some of your inmost curiosities might be answered through watching this documentary series so you might as well give it a try. I assure that you will not only be brimming with new discoveries but will be overwhelmed with fascination as well.


I Am Jane Doe will leave you quaking in agony, sympathy, and resentment on this heart-wrenching documentary series which narrates the horrid experiences young girls had to go through when they were being trafficked for commercial sex on a classified advertising website.

The documentary also featured accounts of the victims’ mothers who were gravely affected by the crime, the irrepressible trauma, and damage that it had inflicted on the young girls who were only in middle school when the inevitable occurred.

It encompassed the harsh reality that our society still lived to see until now. I Am Jane Doe perfectly exhibited the repulsive abhorrence of human trafficking through its raw narratives which caused the viewers to resonate with the victims’ sentiments after being free from the traffickers’ hands. It also included interviews from the Jane Does who were strong enough to continue living their lives even after the abduction took place.

This documentary tackles a blatant issue which is still prevalent in today’s society. Taking time to finish the series could influence you
to become more aware of the societal issue which mostly victimizes young innocent girls, only to turn them into something they are not supposed to be.

(First published on The LANCE's Jan-Feb 2019 Issue)