Big Bad Wolf's big comeback

By: Meilinda Marie Malacat
March 05, 2019

A year following its successful debut in the Philippines, Big Bad Wolf, on its 10th anniversary, returns bigger and better, showcasing two million new books ranging from young adult fiction, science fiction, and general fiction to children’s books, self-help, and textbooks, all with discounts of up to 90% off.

It’s no surprise why the book fair attracts almost all types of people, not just bookworms at heart, but also curious little folks who do not mind the bustling crowd and the scrupulous search for the next perfect read.

Similar to last year’s fair, the book sale will run for 11 days and will be open for 24 hours, which is befitting for those who seek adventures at midnight through book-shopping. Whether you are coming alone or with friends, it’s surely a paradise for book lovers, you might even come home with big boxes full of books about everything and anything!

Founder Jacqueline Ng stated in an interview for Big Bad Wolf that the book selections for this year are curated for the taste of Filipinos, with the help of sales history gathered from last year’s book fair. “Big Bad Wolf is not just [about] someone selling books. We advocate reading. The whole purpose of bringing a huge volume and selection of good books at affordable prices is to bring the excitement that even if you are not a reader, you are excited just to come to the event, just to take a look at what it is about,” said Ms. Ng during a press conference in Mandaluyong.

Aside from their tangible goods, Big Bad Wolf has also extended their diversity by staffing members from Gawad Kalinga (GK) communities,
whom Ng applauded for their impressive service in last year’s book fair in Cebu City.

The Little Hippo Augmented Reality (AR) will also be featured in the children’s section this year. Reading from the Little Hippo app appeals through its pop-out visuals that enhance kids’ imaginations.

Another surprise from the wolf is a VIP day, exclusively for those followers who are selected to get dibs on the books before the actual day of sale. The winners are announced in Big Bad Wolf’s social media accounts.

Indeed, Big Bad Wolf has provided a huge opportunity for many Filipinos to engage themselves with these bundled pages of artistically crafted worlds and the blinding reality of actual life. In fact, the real value of these printed works doesn’t stem from its SALE signage and price tags but from the knowledge and moral brought upon by these books and materials that make the visit worthwhile. It truly is a bargain!

The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale will be held in the World Trade Center, Pasay City from February 22 to March 09, 2019.

(First published on The LANCE's Jan-Feb 2019 Issue)