ICOMM’s ‘Takip Sining’ among finalists for the 4th Singkuwento International Film Festival

By: Raye Sanchez
January 22, 2019

Photo from Juan Fontanilla

Another mark has been made by Institute of Communication (ICOMM) as Majica Productions through their documentary ‘Takip Sining’ attains yet another finalist status at the 4th Singkuwento International Film Festival.

The said documentary is included in the Singkuwento International Film Festival Documentary Category.

Senior Communication Arts student and Takip Sining director Juan Fontanilla shares how he and his team are delighted to become one of the finalists for the second time in a film fest, saying that he and his team are pleased and surprised.

Fontanilla also mentions the real reason behind why they join these competitions. “Ang gusto kasi talaga namin is to share their story kasi hindi naman lahat ng tao eh may chance na makapasok sa loob ng Bilibid. At hindi naman lahat may nakakausap na mga Persons Deprived of Liberty or mas kilala bilang preso,” he stated.

Majica Productions expresses their gratitude to Inst. Nat Lopez who gave them the heads up regarding the competition, as well as Inst. Robert Leeroy Lim and Inst. Satti Ombao for their continuous support.

Takip Sining have previously received nominations for the Indie-Un Film Festival and has taken part in Viddsee competition.

The 4th Singkuwento International Film Festival will start on February 15 to 23, 2019 at the Leandro Locsin Theatre in Intramuros, Manila and the UP Theatre in Diliman, Quezon City.

Awarding ceremonies will be on February 23, 2018 at Resort’s World Manila, Pasay City. Delayed telecast will be on March 23, 2018 at 8pm on IBC-13.

The Singkuwento International Film Festival Philippines is an international film festival that garners different genre of films from youth, personal relationships, demise and destruction, growing up dreams and pains, and societal issues. Its main objective is to gather Filipino and foreign filmmakers to share their thoughts and viewpoints through films they’ve produced.