100% passing rate for electrical engineering board exam

By: Angelo Gamalindo
October 31, 2017

As every student who studies electrical engineering are not exempted in undergoing board examination which is the true test of merit, students of the Colegio strive to pass the said exam to give honor not only to themselves, but their alma mater as well.

Recently, the Electrical Engineering students of Letran Manila have attained a 100% passing rate and it is a feat that is worthy of praise and recognition as moments like this is a rare experience. It was not an easy task, but the EE students somehow managed to surpass the trial that they must prevail in order to advance further in their field of study.

The REE (Registered Electrical Engineer) exam is a mandatory examination that should test the mettle of the student and it is one of the many examinations out there that determines if a person is entitled to move forward.

Board passer, and now a registered electrical engineer, Maria Abigail Jordan, stated her experience before and after the board exam. Before the exam, she said that they went on review centers starting April until August to prepare for the upcoming board exam, and they did it every Saturday and Sundays. Prayer is also a must do for them as reviewing alone won’t suffice in building determination and faith in the upcoming exam. It was a relief for her that after 5 years of studying to fulfil her dreams, it all went well and that all of the sweat and challenges endured was not all in vain.

The pioneer students of the electrical engineering made history as it was the first time in Letran that the electrical engineer student have made a 100% passing rate achievement possible. Professors and mentors have expected a lot from them and so did they have met their expectations. For the years to follow, this should bolster the enrollment rate for it only proves that Letranites are indeed academically excellent.

The REE board exam was conducted on September 2 to 3, 2017 that was administered by the Board of Electrical Engineering head Chairman, Engr. Francis V. Mapile and  Engr.  Jaime V. Mendoza. It was held at various testing centers in the country including Manila, Baguio, Cagayan de Oro, Davao, Iloilo, Legazpi, Lucena, Tacloban, and Zamboanga.