Letran Singing Ambassadors, champions at PHILTOA Eco Chorale 

By: Raye Sanchez
October 31, 2017


The Letran Singing Ambassadors (LSA) gave pride and honor to the letran community as they attain the title of grand champion for the third time at the Philippine Tours Operators Association (PHILTOA)’s annual Eco Chorale competition held at the SMX Convention Center, Pasay City.

Guided by the Office of the Student Welfare and Development (OSWD) and the respected people of the Colegio such as Eng. Catherine Sanchez, Ms. Jillian Garcia, and Fr. Ponce, the Letran Singing Ambassadors gained more confidence which helped them as they compete.

Aside from Letran, others schools such as PUP, Lyceum of the Philippines-Cavite and Adamson University were some of the contenders as well.

Some personalities, like the Madrigal Singers and famous individuals from the music industry, attended the said event.


Before the competition, there were several dilemmas faced by the team for most of their members were new and most of them came from the senior high school department.

In an interview, Elsie Eranista, their conductor for 5 years said that although they were really overwhelmed that their Senior High school members were so passionate in being part of the group, LSA still had to adjust for them to be able to be at par with the old members who can already be called veterans.

Krystene Bello, a member of LSA, spoke about their preparations. “Though gahol na gahol kami sa oras kasi iba ang sched ng SHS sa college students and most of the time hindi tugma, we trained every day to prepare, including holidays and Sundays. Letran has a good reputation kasi in PHILTOA Eco Chorale competition kaya may iniingatang title.”

Though they only had a month of rehearsals, their comeback songs Himig Pasko and Chua-Ay were sang in the competition professionally.

The Letran Singing Ambassadors have been joining this competition since 2014. The members who were able to compete this year were Ivan Kaye Bantigue, Beverlyn Cueva, Christian Robles, Krystene Bello, Angelica Santuile, Paula Satimbre, Jenny Dinauanao, Patricia Villamarzo, Francine Molina, Raign Bueno, Shaine Cariño, Jem Santos, Abigail Aredain, Jamil Crescini, Reden Loyola, Lenard Delgado, Christian Merle, Daniel Kitma, Anthony Rentoy, Nilo Molina Jr. and Aerich Balanggao.

PHILTOA is the official organizer of the annual Philippine Travel Mart (PTM) competitions like Eco Chorale.